What is Realtime Casting?

Realtime Casting provides a place for voice actors and producers to come together. We offer a simple and free SAG-AFTRA voice casting service allowing for the highest quality voiceover jobs to be posted for the best voice actors, free of charge to the producer.


We offer a simple and powerful solution in today’s voiceover market: A full service union supported site that accurately and efficiently reflects the real voice over industry. Realtime Casting provides a platform for auditioning, voice casting, and booking talent through their agents.

Unlike any other site, we also offer:

  • Union paymaster services
  • Professional recording studio for your session
  • Voice actors working from home
  • We cover all the needs of the voice casting industry, both online and offline.

Voice Actors

As a voice actor, you gain exposure to new producers in all categories of the voiceover industry WITHOUT the worry of abandoning your connections made offline.Realtime Casting

Realtime Casting offers the coveted work everyone wants when becoming a voice actor.

You also have the ability to do the following:

  • Create your own customizable online profile with your demos, photos, and videos
  • Keep your business relationship with your agent because they support us!
  • No agent? Not in SAG-AFTRA? Send in your demo anyway. We will help you.

Realtime Casting supports the careers of every voiceover actor.

We are a tool to expand your network WITHOUT forcing you into using confusing technology. See what voice actors believe in us already!

Check us out and learn more at Realtime Casting!


2 thoughts on “What is Realtime Casting?

  1. Help! I just started receiving these newsletters and of course I have interest in joining real time. I can definitely use the help with exposure but it seems that I am not qualified to join? Or am I? Please clarify this issue for me. As of right now, I am a non union talent with no representation. I would love the opportunity to make the leap into becoming a sag-aftra member provided I get booked for a job. Do I qualify currently to join real time casting as a talent?


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