There’s an old saying, the harder you work the luckier you get.

I met a couple of people this week that made me realize that nothing of any value comes easy.
They both came from different areas and eras but there is the common link of working hard and seeing opportunity.
One is an ex gymnast/aerial skier who after too many injuries took a dramatic turn and ended up in media and is about to release her first feature documentary ‘The Will to Fly’.
The other, a musician who started playing at 15 in London clubs and in a just a few years was writing and producing international hit records for Roger Daltrey (The Who) and discovered Leo Sayer.
If you had asked either of them at 15 what their careers would be it most likely would’ve been quite different to what eventually happened.
Most of us are probably the same, a career mapped out then a chance meeting or an opportunity changed everything, certainly the case of my career.
One thing I realized quite early was in life we have to be ready to act quickly and accept change if we wish to succeed.
In our industry the tools we have now were unheard of back 15 years ago and if anyone decided not to change with the times I can guarantee their career would be pretty well over.
The ones who succeed are the ones who are ready to see an opportunity and work hard to learn new skills to make it happen.
It’s the same today, we sit in our home studios recoding on our computers, emailing sound files around the world and think nothing of it. But imagine if someone 15 years ago had said this would be the business.
Technology will continue to evolve bringing new ideas and we need to be ready to take advantage of it.
The art of listening is part of the process, talk to your peers, look at the things that may seem crazy and most importantly do it with an open mind.
Everyone I’ve talked to recently has said the same thing, change is inevitable so work hard to understand it, embrace it and prosper.
david courtney
You can hear the interviews with Katie Bender who talks about leaving her career as an aerial skier to work producing movie trailers in LA and now set to release her debut feature documtary ‘The Will to Fly’. And David Courtney who decided playing drums was his dream to becoming an extremely successful composer and producer and has just released his anthology album celebrating 50 years of hit records.
Be inspired on the VO Radio Show.
Will to fly

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