Ideas open minds, create change and deliver opportunity.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Ideas don’t have to be grand concepts that re-invent the wheel. They could be simple things that help you see differently, or bring things into focus and allow you to move forward.

Sometimes it feels like you’re dragging an anchor and to move forward you need to make changes, and that’s not always easy when parts of our industry appear stuck in the ‘50s.

This is where discussing ideas can free things up and make changes that will help us all.

I interviewed Marc Graue for the VO Radio Show and discussed the dramatic changes to the business over the last 30 to 40 years.
Technology is at the forefront of change, and has had the biggest impact on the way we do business. But there are still some areas that are slow to embrace this change.

Like it or not, our industry is heading online at a fast pace so let’s discuss the ideas and work together to make sure the online business is the best it can be.

Seven years ago we could see that working online was inevitable and could also see the structure back then was not suited to the professional industry. So we set about building a site that was.

We continue to have discussions with all quarters of the industry to find out what they want and how to improve the online experience, and one thing is clear, now more than ever speed is fundamental.

Another interesting fact has emerged, many producers are not concerned about the fee for a professional voice as long as they know the cost and the process of paying is simple and quick.

To me Eleanor Roosevelt meant small minds will always find an excuse, but great minds will find a solution.

So join us and be part of the discussion to help create the future of our wonderful industry.

The interview with Marc Graue can be heard on the VO Radio Show.
M Graue

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