Want to be an overnight success?

Most overnight success stories don’t include the 20 years spent leading up to it.

Recently I spent an hour talking with Nick Tate, one of the ‘5 Guys in a Limo’, and one of the biggest voice over names in movie trailers.

How he got there is a classic dream come true, when a chance meeting at a party in LA changed his career forever.

I’ve been aware of Nick since I was a teenager, watching him on TV back in the mid 70’s as one of the stars of the UK science fiction hit ‘Space 1999’. Ironically, it was made by the producers of the Thunderbirds, which his father John had been involved in.

Nick Tate

Nick also worked in the UK doing radio spots in London, then returned to Australia in the late 70’s working in feature films, picking up a best actor award along the way.

In the late 80’s Paramount decided to do a remake of the TV series ‘Mission Impossible’ filmed in Australia. During down time on the shoot, the producers wanted to keep their crew busy, so they shot a pilot off the Queensland coast featuring Nick in the lead role. The pilot was picked up and ran for one season in the US.

Paramount then asked Nick to come to LA, which led to more work including a leading role with Ellen DeGeneres in Open House. When the series finished Nick faced a tough decision… go back to Australia or stay on in LA. He decided to stay, and that’s how Nick ended up at a party in LA that changed his life forever.

You can hear part one of Nicks interview on the VO Radio Show.


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