Advertising future

VO Radio Show Blog Ep 1

Advertising, where is it going and how will the voice fit the future?

Back in the 1950s advertising and radio became a match made in heaven and the voice was king, telling stories and taking the listener on a journey.

Ask any older advertising creative, audio engineer and voice actor and they will probably agree on the love of radio.

Where else could you have a Cecil B DeMille production for $100?

The listener could be taken on a journey to places only dreamed of and advertising saw the perfect opportunity to take the listener on a journey…. to the shops.

In 2015 we now have so many platforms that the creative is less able to be specialized.

Once it was TV, radio, print and outdoor, now we have content on the wrist, phone and tablet, in fact we are probably exposed to more advertising than ever before.

So what is the future? We can only guess but one thing is for sure humans connect best with other humans and the voice can add the human touch to any machine or device.

So what do the experts think? Check out the VO Radio Show, this week featuring two advertising creatives Iain Lanivich and Mike Beach.

Any thoughts on this blog post?

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