The Producer’s Chair – with Jim Kennelly

ProducersChair 07.02.2015Here are some Independence Day voice-over tips for the July 4th Weekend. In the ever-changing voiceover industry successful talents are taking on new responsibilities. Let’s link career profitability with being a finisher, learning to specialize and delivering on time.

1. Finish 100% of the job.

Proactive voice talents start and finish. They acknowledge that often the last 5% of a project is the hardest — and then finish every last task. Start strong and end strong.

Try not to be the talent who is enthusiastic in the beginning – sharing your credits, describing your versatility, negotiating your fees – and then lose energy and enthusiasm later on when the going gets tough.

Tip for a proactive voice: Be generous with your reads and don’t be afraid to over-deliver. If a client asks you for some wild lines…offer another full take. Read the whole graph, not just a few lines.

One more tip: Finish your session on a high note, send an edited select version along with the full session, get a client testimonial, and always say “thank you.”

 2. Know your niche.

Successful voice actors specialize. Sure, an experienced voice might be qualified to microphonesaudition for many projects, but talents should look for specific categories where they are most successful, such as narrations or E-learning.

Tip for a proactive voice: The benefit of specializing is that it frees you. The tremendous amount of effort it takes to be an expert in every voiceover style is a poor use of your best resource – yourself! Narrowing your focus and aspiring to be a specialist might just be your ticket to a financially rewarding career.

One more tip: Specialists always earn more money than generalists. It’s true in the medical profession, financial services industry and every other business. Specialists earn more. You need to choose a specialty or a niche.

 3. They are on time.

Successful voiceover talents are on time. Every time. End of story.

Some actors show up late to sessions. They miss audition and production deadlines. Do they have reasons? You bet, tons. Some are valid, but most are weak excuses. Remember: Time is money. This is especially true for voice talents.

Tip for a proactive voice: To maintain a profitable voice over business or career, it’s essential that you value timelines and that you are consistently punctual.

4. Become the best production partner!

I can’t stress this enough. Make sure you have budgeted enough recording and production time to ensure the delivery of your work. And, if you’re going to be late, warn you client in advance. Never wait for the deadline to pass and then ask for more time.

Tip for a proactive voice: If you find that you’re missing deadlines, consider avoiding work with short deadlines or lightening your session workload. You might even, consider updating your availability so that clients won’t invite you to audition for jobs you can’t finish on time.

We wish everyone a safe and fun Independence Day celebration. We look forward to working together all summer long.

Remember, for every audition and at every session…you’re there to work!


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