The Producer’s Chair-with Jim Kennelly

Positive Interaction with Project Managers BlogPic 05.29.2015

The phrase “wearing many hats” is synonymous with being a freelancer or small business owner. In 2015, this phrase is part of every industry, especially for proactive talents. Many ad agencies and production houses use the title of project manager and producer interchangeably. The person directing you may also be sending you scripts, scheduling studio time, invoices, etc.

I work with young project managers everyday. I help them cast, hire and record voice talents. I’ve learned that 1000 words of copy doesn’t leave as deep an impression as one deed to help a project manager. The first step to making your project managers life easier is recognizing their challenges.

1. The Project Mangers Task

Project managers manage resources. They hold their productions master plan. They serve as the creative teams coordinator. Project managers consider  “on budget” and “on time” as their measure of success. But, they also love and long to be involved in creative work. They are heavily invested in the project and are equally proud to see their production delivered and have impact.

2. We’re Going to Need a Pickup

If there’s one thing for certain in marketing and advertising, everything changes and quickly. Your project manager knows change is part of their reality. They are well aware that updates have to be monitored and integrated into every production. Proactive voice talents make it a point to fully understand the production process. The process should never be seen as an obstacle. It’s the opportunity to change someone’s voice over experience – don’t ever waste it!

3. The Simplest Path

Project Mangers ask hard questions and tackle challenges.They are interested in skill specialization. How can we help them? By providing specific samples of your voice over work. Clearly describing your home studios digital connection capabilities. Let them know you can you edit and deliver a professional file. Suggest clear turn around times and when your available to record.

4. Stay on Budget

A production manager is responsible for all production estimates. They serve as guardians of budget. You need to understand all costs involved in your hiring. This includes your talent fee, paymaster services and studio production costs, everything. It’s critical that you make financial realities part of a transparent dialogue with production managers.

5. Action Speaks Louder than Words

Production Managers don’t trust words, they trust actions. They have high emotional intelligence. They understand how to manage behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions to achieve positive results. When you give something spontaneously, without expecting anything in return, this leaves a powerful impression. Proactive voice talents build strong relationships because they are constantly thinking about others.


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