Online voice casting – it’s not the future…it’s now

I’ve recently heard commentary from the most unlikely sources concerning the ‘legitimacy’ of online casting and was surprised that this is still a discussion point.

There are still concerns with some sites, but each has its target market, which may not suit all voice actors – the choice is an individual one.


In 2015 if you’re not online you’re not really in the game. On-line casting sites are simply a place to showcase your talent to a large global audience, which you may or may not have been exposed to before.

For some reason there is still push back from certain quarters and this is baffling. The most successful business’ today are online, people shop, search and bank online, in fact just about everything is done online.

People under 30 have known nothing else, so why do some people still think a young producer will get on the phone?

When business’s decline it is usually due to an inability to adapt.

Around ten years ago I could see the fracturing of the industry globally, some say it was due to the online market, the home studio or the industry not reacting quickly enough to change. These are all partly true.

Change is not always a problem, most of the time it’s an opportunity.

The choice is yours to select the site that best reflects you as a talent.

Realtime Casting was built to offer the professional industry an online tool that truly reflects their skill and expertise allowing them to compete in an appropriate environment.

What has surprised me is that we are still being asked the same questions.

Online offers potential clients the ability to find and book talent simply and quickly, it is not the future of our industry it is the present. We need to embrace the site that’s the ‘right fit’ and encourage it to grow.

As a footnote I want to share this email with you from, we shall call them ‘John Doe’.

I feel there’s still a misunderstanding about them (RTC) with voice agents and I frankly just don’t get it. 


I say, it’s good for all of us.  

  • They’re not taking work away from pro’s.  They only use pro’s.
  • Their rates are the Union/industry agreed rates.
  • They link to agents
  • They may call for auditions from home studios but they often book a professional studio for the job.  So they’re not diminishing work that gets done in sound studios.


It’s clear that RTC are not huge players, but they are legit, playing by all the rules, and simply offering opportunities for work in a global landscape.


What Andrew Peters wanted to do in the beginning was set up a ‘professional’ online directory that said ‘if you want a premium voice actor, this is where you’ll find one’, as a serious alternative to Voices 123, and those sites that would (and do) seek to under-cut and undermine our rates.


Andrew Peters

Founder Realtime Casting and fulltime voice actor

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