The Producer’s Chair with Jim Kennelly

Why does every audition seem to say, please no announcer types, we want an everyday guy or gal, must be conversational?

The answer is simple and it’s a warning shot across the bow for voice talents looking to be successful.Producers chair

In the future, our lives will be made easier by technologies that schedule our needs and desires. And as technology becomes less invasive, smart advertising will answer that call. Conversational means human. This new sound will not be loud or intrusive. The future looks bright for voice overs because voice actors will be incorporated into every device in our homes, our cars, our bodies…everything. The goal for marketers is to capitalize on opportunities when consumers invite brands into the everyday moments that matter most.

“What happened to all the National spots I made a living on?”

Honestly, the era of mass-marketed products is coming to a close. We’re living in it. TV and radio commercials that used to reached millions of viewers do not offer the engagement clients look for. Advertising in the future will calculate the exact moment of a users need and supply consumers with the solutions or options they are looking for in real time. As we all become more comfortable with connected devices in our homes and on our wrists, it’s being predicted that advertising in the next decade will progress more than it has in the last 50 years.

The future voice over business will be instantaneous. In real time. A producer will have a script to cast…voice actors will be standing by in professional studios ready to audition. When they find the voice they like, producers will hire talents immediately, a one touch payment system. The focus will be on ease of search and transaction. Online casting sites and voice actors will need to work together to make these systems fluid so producers are instantly gratified.

Get ready for Realtime solutions.

So, the next time you see conversational on a script and roll your eyes. Think about making your voice over skills viable in the future…you must be ready to offer a human quality to all your reads, be able to connect with producers when they want to reach you and be ready to add value to the producers experience of working with you. If you can create those opportunities your brand should be ready for the next step in voice overs.

Any thoughts on this blog post?

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