These are a Few of My Favourite Things

Sound of music
Its 50 years this month since the release of ‘The Sound of Music’.
Those of us old enough to remember, it was a box office smash, had a great cast, beautiful scenery and a brilliant music score.

While I was reminiscing, or trying to get those songs out of my head, one stuck.
So I thought I’d run through a few of my favourite studio things and why I like them and also thought it would be good to find out yours.

So here are mine.

The Samson Cque8 headphone amp

I love this, it has made headphone monitoring so much easier for me. I now have control over all 3 sets of cans and the bonus is I also run skype through it.

Microtech Gefell M930art

This mic is rare, it’s the 80th anniversary Georg Neumann version. They upgraded the spec on this and it sounds absolutely perfect, I will never sell this one.

Neve 2254r

This was a crazy purchase but I love it. Its one of those things you cannot justify financially but I would never part with it as it’s a modern version of a classic.

Grace M101

What a great little preamp, well made and great bang for your buck. I bought this with the M930 and the two together make for a very clean and flat signal. There are very few products that deliver like the Grace.

Rode NTG3

This mic is a workhorse, tough and durable.
It’s not a 416 but its pretty close. When I got this I was a little suspicious but I was quickly convinced how good it is. I use this mic for at least 90% of my VO’s from home and I’m not the only one using one of these. As a VO mic Rode have a winner here.

AKG K601

Great headphones, you can wear these for hours on end without fatigue. Not cheap but a must have if you edit narrations or audio books.

Mackie Big Knob

What a great name! and its a tank.
It’s a great studio command system that I use as the main controller for all my monitoring. It’s easy to use and works!
So these are a few of my favourite things, what are yours?

Any thoughts on this blog post?

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