The Producer’s Chair with Jim Kennelly


Can you feel it? There’s a change in the air.

When spring arrives, we enter into this colorful time, where we make room for new growth, both within us and around us. A wave of freshness takes over… and we all feel it together.

I love springtime and I try to do all I can to feel its presence deeply. I also love my work in voice overs and I try to do all I can to share the joy it gives me.

Here are a few voice over ways to immerse yourself in all things spring:

-Try something new: In the spring, we naturally feel more energized than we have over the last few months. Our minds feel clearer and our hearts bigger. Use this wave of energy to get into something you’ve always wanted to do. Even if you don’t feel totally ready, just go for it.

-For many actors, it’s starting an improv class or signing on for a few weeks of voice over training.

-Contact studios and producers and collect some of your work and build new short voice samples for demos.

-Challenge yourself to learn and appreciate how the voice industry is working online all the time.

Do a little spring cleaning!

Ciappa studio

Clean studio. Clean reads.

Spring is the perfect time to purge the unnecessary and make some room in your home studio.

-Back up your hard drive and clear space for new projects and gigs.

-Upgrade your home audition set up.

-Create a better sound for yourself with a professional microphone and improve your acoustics.

Uncluttering the area you work in can actually have much deeper affects than you may realize. I recently read that clutter is the junk food of the mind, and I couldn’t agree more.

Yes, a new season is afoot. … Renew your voice over career, clear the cobwebs from your mind, and enter spring with open arms.

Any thoughts on this blog post?

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