The Producer’s Chair with Jim Kennelly

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Every week at Realtime Casting there’s one project that stands out. That wows me, even after 30 years and many rounds of producing anything that requires a voice over. The Producer’s Chair answers the question we all hear…

How did that spot get cast?

Gyro a B2B and advertising powerhouse in San Francisco reached out to Realtime Casting to find a voice for Cisco Ecosystem.

Gyro’s CEO + CCO Christopher Becker says: Our mission is to create ideas that are humanly relevant. Gyro understands that new technologies are bringing humans together as never before. In just one click we share our innermost thoughts with a million other minds.

Realtime got busy helping Gyro find just the right voice. Little did we know the answer was at the end of the rainbow!

The Irish love a good story and respect the use of language.

The people who surround us influence our perspective. And in voice over, it often comes by word, through a writer or directors notes… it only takes something small to cause our view to become distorted. Sometimes it’s for the better, but I’ve found this can negatively effect voice actors as well.

The casting of the Cisco project took Realtime around the world. We auditioned the talented roster of US and International voice actors on our site. The talented producers in San Francisco gave us this feedback: “It’s a great time to be alive. Keep searching. We want a voice to ignite ideas”.

Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people-William Butler Yeats

We reached out to our professional friend Neil Conrich. Neil represents some of the best professional voice artists in the UK. We requested Irish actresses, but did not include notes. We said, let the talents trust themselves. A select batch of golden auditions came back, but only one had that “faith and begorra” moment! Roisin Sullivan!

In honor of St.Patrick’s Day, Realtime lifts a glass to each and every fine casting decision. Roisin was booked at Mutiny Recording Studio in Dublin…where they cherish audio!

In the voice over game, we all share the problem of building our own opinion on top of someone else’s.

Our thoughts and actions are our own. But to a certain point, we inherit some of what surrounds us. When we are auditioning copy, how do we erase what we already know? Can we?

I believe we can. It takes knowing what to allow in, or set aside. I think it takes a little bit of learning… learning that we have control over our perspective, no matter how many influences surround us.

Have a wonderful St Patrick’s Day. I’m grateful for all my relatives who only influence me for the better!

The work praises the man.
-Irish Proverb

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