Reasons You Maybe Having Problems with Online Casting

realtimeThis blog post is intended to help people with usage of Realtime Casting

We receive many emails about Realtime Casting, and often find that the slightest thing can cause a person to not see his/her perfect job.

At the same time, we have noticed people have a greater success rate with the website when they check out and follow advice in our instructional videos.

Still, we are witness to and have the experience on staff to notice when a voice actor is making a mistake on his/her profile that creates obstacles for booking work.

These reasons are as follows:

Thinking a blank profile means “getting invited to everything”…Wrong.
Why is it bad to have a blank profile? The Internet has changed over the years and become more of a legit resource for finding voice actors. What has virtually ended are those “gimme everything” cattle calls, and they ended largely because they were such huge wastes of time. For the record, they used to happen because website technology was not as advanced as it is today.

Thinking one can still be aloof when auditioning online
Do you remember the days when people could hide on websites, picking and choosing from all work and deciding what to turn down? Or if there was an awkward moment when someone auditioned for something they should not have, they would state, “Oh I did not know! Can we work it out anyway?”.

There was a time when we were all lost babies in the online woods, but the fact is Google, social media, email, and our struggle for exposure changed this. It means the world knows who we are and the world is smarter at seeing right through what people are really doing because actions speak louder than words..

To give you an example, I remember auditioning offline and watching voice actors “accidentally signing in for other auditions at the casting office”. Although such guile can be appreciated in certain success stories, for the most part online it drives people nuts. Keep it real. Be what you are, what you believe in, and be proud of it.

Cautious about stating an affiliation
Here’s the deal: If you are non-union, SAG-AFTRA, or Fi-core, online you will never discover who can work with you until you are honest and comfortable with yourself and your own business decisions. There is no way around this online because we all naturally do not trust what we find online, if it is too good to be true. We have noticed some people on Realtime Casting are cautious about stating their union affiliation. Subsequently, if you are uncomfortable with being what you are and doing work under a specific status because “others might get mad”, you will work less.

And it will have nothing to do with your union status. It will have everything to do with the fact that you are using a website nervously and that fear trickles down through every bit of online communication, from auditions to emails. Just like they say in acting, “If you are going to make a choice, commit to it.”

This topic is a hot button mainly with the United states being nearly 50% ‘Right to Work’. It is always safer to pick a side and commit to it because people who sit on the fence are much more difficult to trust for looking “undecided”, when they may be playing both sides of a fence. Online work, in fact, creates a greater need to choose a “tribe”, so people can understand who they are working with. Also, anything confusing online can be perceived as deceitful, but if you are worried are people getting mad at you, there is some business decisions you are not comfortable with, yet.

Note: Make sure your voice talent profiles have a Union Affiliation selected.

Believing there is still guess work when working online
Have you ever seen something online and wondered, “How do I know if that is real or fake?”? Whether or not you are aware of something is irrelevant. What you should know is that websites, and website services, are deeply tied into knowing who, what, where, how, and why people do things on their own website.

Anything from a simple CRM tool to Google Analytics can tell a company who visited a website, where they are located, how they arrived, and why they ended up on a website. This is very much the voodoo of websites no one speaks of, but if you ever find yourself thinking, “I wonder if this will work?”, chances are someone already answered your question.

Therefore, if you start using a voice casting website and think, “I will just put demos up and they will send me auditions”, you have guessed that such a thing would happen. Each website you have a profile on should be carefully filled out and attended to, or not used at all. Guessing that someone will find you because you are online is the formula for never working.

Believing there is such a thing as sweeping change on websites
Websites in many ways are missions. The mission is to achieve success based around a belief system. It would be great if one idea could lead to sweeping change across an industry, but such times have passed, at least in the distant future. If you believe in something it now takes longer for your belief to gain traction online because chances are millions out there think just like you.

As for sweeping change on websites, there is no such thing as “change overnight”. It is physically impossible because it requires “people” to do work and as we know “people” are flawed in that they need sleep and food to maintain sanity.

Note: Personally, I tried “making changes overnight”. It almost killed me. Websites are a work in progress, which is why it is important to make the smartest business decisions from day one. The same applies to your voice over career.

Any thoughts on this blog post?

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