The Producer’s Chair with Jim Kennelly

Producers Chair ValentineEvery week at Realtime Casting there’s one project that stands out. That wows me, even after 30 years of producing commercials and narrations and anything that requires a voiceover. The Producer’s Chair answers the question we all hear…

How did that spot get cast?

I am a firm believer in…”Be nice to everyone”. How often professionally has it happened that a new client says, “You may not remember me, but I used to work on the such and such account and you were so nice”…and now, she’s an account rep or has her own production company and wants to work with you.

The Second Time Around

Since it is Valentine’s Day weekend…

Everyone in voiceovers L O V E S repeat business. Oh it’s so nice to fall in love again! It’s great when a client calls you up and asks you out on another date. This week at Realtime, we had 3 repeat sessions for our members.

We also received a really hot audition for a sexy ongoing gig. A few years ago, Realtime was casting the In-cab TV media and IVR work for BR Guest Hospitality. It’s fun to grab a cab in NYC or be making reservations and suddenly hear your voice. That will impress your date! Alas, as with many relationships…our producer moved on and we lost the account.

Absence can make the heart grow fonder!

It turns out our producer “friend” was tempted to LA for a delicious job as Director of Integrated Marketing, Restaurants at SBE. SBE is a global hospitality and entertainment company which comprises a thriving collection of award-winning hotels, casinos, residences, restaurants and nightlife destinations. Nice date! Indeed!

OKCupid has nothing on Realtime.

SBE posted an IVR audition to Realtime for all their destinations and restaurants.

Here are the specs:

SBE is searching for their IVR signature voice. Female 20’s, early 30’s: very hip, trendy, upscale.

A number of talents were selected to audition. SBE asked for a second round of auditions to create a shortlist of 3 voices. And like on The Dating Game, they asked questions… Experience? Availability? Easy to get along with? Takes direction well? Hmmmmmmm?

Let’s meet our Bachelorette’s!

Bachelorette number one: is young, hip & trendy.

Bachelorette number two: a British VO, a cross between Emma Watson and a dominatrix.

Bachelorette number three: 30’s, very experienced in IVR, has cool sophistication.

Sorry fellas, we can’t play their auditions just yet. You’ll have to be patient.

We can’t wait to find out who wins our Realtime Dream Date as the new voice of SBE.

So to all voice over contestants…

When you’re playing the voice over field, it makes sense to Be Nice to Everyone! Sure, you’ll meet some dud clients. But, you’ll also find fireworks! Clients who really flame your creative spirit. Stay flexible and have confidence! Remember, “You can’t love another without loving yourself”.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Get a nice card and say it with words and flowers!



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