The Producer’s Chair with Jim Kennelly

Producers ChairEvery week at Realtime Casting there’s one project or session that stands out. That wows me, even after 30 years of producing commercials and narrations and anything that requires a voiceover. The Producers Chair answers the question we all hear…

How did that spot get cast?

It’s cold here in the Northeast. It sure doesn’t feel like paradise! But, we’re staying happy and busy keeping our casting flame burning for Redemption Audio in Calgary, Canada (great hockey town).

Redemption Audio is a boutique award-winning custom music and sound house. They came to Realtime Casting looking for announcers for two web projects: Cornerstone Calgary and FLYHTStream. They hired two equally talented voices and produced their voice tracks over Source Connect this past week.

Here’s how it went down…


Little project to start the year…
Calgary Cornerstone:
Female, super conversational, non announcer, girl next door 30-40

50 second corporate video
Looking for friendly, approachable, knowledgeable. not salesey or pro VO sounding.
Looking for both male and female options. 30 to 40 ish.
Would be nice to try and use source connect.

Realtime Casting:

You’ll have voices right away. Let’s go to work…
Auditions are underway!  Have a great weekend! Thanks.


Awesome. Looks like we will want to record wed for both projects. Doable?
The Cornerstone client has selected Kaira Klueber for the VO. Lauren Berst for the FLYHTStream project. We need to record this as soon as its possible. Let us know when they available.

With the help of their agents, Redemption was able to schedule the sessions back to back.

That made our client experience “happiness”


Hey Guys. Great sessions today. Talent for both were fantastic!!!!

Meet the talent

Cornerstone Calgary picked Kaira Kluber with Abrams Artists. Kaira is thrilled to have recently wrapped on her 11th segment for ABC’s “What Would You Do?” She received training from Penn State University’s School of Theatre BA program, Actors Theatre of Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. She has been fortunate to pursue a professional career in New York City in areas of film, television, stage, voiceovers, commercials and print.

FLYHTStream went with Lauren Berst from Access Talent. Originally from the Midwest, Lauren has been in New York for over 15 years, and holds a MFA from the National Theatre Conservatory, BFA from the University of Evansville.

Let me share some #VOsense:

Even with all their voice experience, both Kaira and Lauren understand that they are not bigger than the Internet. Online casting is now a major part of our industry. Joining Realtime Casting is all about “moving forward” and learning how to work together in the online voiceover community.

Til next week…

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