The Producers Chair with Jim Kennelly

Producers ChairEvery week at Realtime Casting there’s one project or session that stands out. That wows me, even after 30 years of producing commercials and narrations and anything that requires a voice. The Producers Chair answers the question we all hear…

How did that spot get cast?
Jay Advertising in Rochester, New York has been a long time fan of Realtime Casting. We’ve cast voices for Raymour & Flanigan Furniture and First Niagara Bank. Anne Carney auditioned on Realtime and was cast as announcer for a series of web videos. And like most narrations, it required a pick up session, immediately.

But what if there’s a snowstorm coming!
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these voice talent from the swift completion of their booked work.

Good morning Realtime.
I wanted to check your book and Anne Carney’s schedule for a quick record of 1 line for the First Niagara work we’re doing. I would like to check to see if this can be done today. I know weather and being a last minute request are issues but thought it would be worth a shot.
Please let me know if this is possible.

Realtime Casting:

We contacted Anne and she said she can record at home.

Jay Advertising:

Thanks for the quick reply,
I think we’d like to take our chances with Anne recording from home. If that does not work out, we’ll redo. Urgency is a compelling factor for us at this point. We would like three takes of the attached copy.Please advise on how we may move forward and how we can acquire the files.
Thank you very much.

Realtime Casting:

OK. Anne has a home studio set up, she is going to try a few reads.

And then this email…

Good morning Realtime Casting,
Thank you again for saving our butts yesterday. The one line we needed was adequate for the work at hand.
Please send an invoice amount as well.

Anne carney_JimThat’s our snow storm story.
Because Anne Carney has taken the time to create a good home studio environment, knew how to use her equipment and work online as a voice talent…she could save the show!

Easy fixes are for easy problems. And what do big problems, call for?

Experimentation, improvisation, heroics, and talent!

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