Important Notice for Realtime Casting as of 2015

The best way to reach Realtime Casting staff, all of them, and get a faster reply

realtimecasting staffThis is a quick staff announcement about Realtime Casting. We are letting you know the new, fastest way to reach us:

Please use

We will look to answer these, and social accounts like Facebook and Twitter, between “immediately to 12 hours”.

What contact info is NOT in use as of 1.1.2015?
Realtime Casting is no longer using:

  • The old contact email
  • Phone calls to Lotas Productions about Realtime Casting
  • Personal emails to Lotas Productions about Realtime Casting

If these methods are used, you can expect “no to REALLY slow” response.

In addition, we have to prioritize emails in the following order:

1. Technical issues and crashes (immediate)

2. Job postings, scripts, hiring and auditioning questions (immediate)

3. Discussions about opinions, suggestions, policies, and how profiles work or get set up. (6 – 12 hours)

We will create instructional videos on our Youtube page. We apologize that at this time we cannot assist in a more engaging manner.

Why announce this?
This year, our focus is going to be building the website in all areas from jobs to support and creating the best product.

However, we are a team of 3 people and although we are fast, we cannot do things like walking a person through setting up a profile. We have videos to show you.

We are also encouraging everyone Realtime Casting, or interested in joining, to sign up with or read our newsletters and blogs. See Update Preferences

We are doing our best to work “smarter”. We need to bring jobs on the website.

We hope you understand and thank you for your patience.

Any thoughts on this blog post?

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