Testing a Realtime Casting Members Website

Steven Lowell of Realtime Casting shares a tool to help all voice talent with websites

questions about voiceovers on realtime castingAll the TRAFFIC in the world is pointless without people BUYING or CONVERSIONS aka. “Visiting your website and hiring you”. Yes, I said it. Being “heard” is not as important as being “hired”.

One of the many lessons taught to me over the years is that one must be proactive about their website user experiences, and not reactive. People ask me for consultations on their websites and pages, and over the years, it has been a service I offered because I find the psychology of websites to be fascinating. Well, last night voice talent Debbie Irwin asked me to look at her website and I looked at the wrong one by mistake. It was a Wix website she was using until her final website was complete.

I gave her my own opinions and then used my favorite testing tool Five Second Test. If there is one thing I know about working online it is that “everyone thinks they know everything”, myself included. The difference-maker is “what actually works”. It is hard to know what the unbiased public not in voiceovers, and not quick to reassure a person, actually think.

The Test
I took a screenshot of her page and posted a test. The test asked the question:

“If you visited this website, what 3 objects would you click on first?”

As I am not paying for Five Second Test, I had to complete tests by other users before I posted mine. They call it “Good Karma”.

Out of 20 responses, the following results appeared below. Keep in mind the larger circles have been clicked more than others. I summarize results below.

graphicSummary: Users spent an average 41 seconds on the test

The most clicks in order came from:

  1. About
  2. Blog
  3. The top video
  4. “More Videos”

Weaker clicks come from:

  1. The second or third demo and video
  2. Sneak peak
  3. Contact button
  4. The signature graphic

Noticed anything not clicked?

  • Social media buttons

Why does this happen?

As much as voice talent hate to talk about it, the fact is “websites” are representations of “stores” and not “artistic performances”.

People land on websites and simply want to know:

  • “How much does this cost?”
  • “Am I buying from a respected person or a lunatic because the Internet is filled with them?”
  • “How do I leave a quote?”

This is the same buyer behavior myself and my wife have when we walk in a store, check out all the items on sale, the displays, and then decide what to buy at the checkout counter. Websites are simply like this. They are 75% “buyer friendly” and 25% “the product on the shelf”.

In closing…

Debbie Irwin is a paid subscriber to Realtime Casting. And that made it easier to justify helping her out for an hour late after a long work day. Simply put, online work is an honest relationship. It is a leveraged playing field, where the product and display speaks for itself. In an unbiased environment, where people simply click and offer prices on what they want, there is only “what works” and “what people want”. It is definitely a humbling place to work and you have to know the game involved.

Sign up for Realtime Casting today and let us help you become a part of the online casting environment. Image and sound still matter. You just have to know exactly how it matters. New tech brings new styles of expression, just like TV, film, and radio acting did when they were introduced.

ps- Thanks to the great voice talent on Realtime who helped me with tests this week and last!

4 thoughts on “Testing a Realtime Casting Members Website

  1. I feel like I just came from my annual checkup at the doctor’s office!
    Thank you for helping me take a candid, objective look at my temporary site.
    You are right when you say the goal is to be hired (implicit in that is that we’ve been heard).
    This is a great tool and I’ll incorporate what I’ve learned into my new ‘healthier’ website….
    Coming soon!


  2. + Steven, you mention voice talent at the end – thanking them for helping you test. Were they the only sample group? It’d be super interesting to have paying clients weight in. Let us know if they do!


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