Progressive and Free Thinking in the Voiceover Business

Jim Kennelly invites free and progressive thinkers to investigate Realtime Casting

realtime casting new find voicesI have admiration for progressive and free thinking people

I like free-spirited people that have the courage and the foresight to stand up on their own, despite the risk of labelled a “non-conformist”. I’ve been talking recently with voiceover talents, managers and producers, who are ahead of their time. Let’s call them “free thinkers”. We all agree that if you want to be a free thinker in the voiceover business in 2015, you must embrace novelty, disruptive change and non-conformity.

A number of years ago, I decided to build an online voiceover casting site. I wanted to become an agent of change. To do this, there were a few things I needed to recognize and understand:

  • We stereotype online voiceover sites as “being used by creatives and talents who are different than the rest of us”. This stereotype is false and unfair.
  • Some talent agencies, SAG-AFTRA, and some leaders in the voice community discourage any efforts to deviate and think freely outside of existing parameters.
  • Yet, free thinking is our natural birthright.

“Group thinking”

“Group thinking” is the enemy of free thinking. When the crowd shouts, we shout. When the crowd panics, we panic. When an industry becomes frozen by group thinking, every one loses the power to pivot and adjust to support the groups’ best interests.

The voiceover industry narrative has changed over recent decades, yet many community members are closed off in a time capsule. Forward thinkers see beyond this old narrative, bursting the time capsule open.

Free thinkers are those individuals cooking up shockingly new ideas

Right now, the voice industry has a major force at play. A force for change and innovation being built from the bottom-up by individual voice talents, managers, ad agencies, production companies and paymasters.

One innovative idea can be taken up and spread until it becomes the norm. The reality of online voiceover casting in 2015 is that it is being accepted and adopted by larger voiceover structures. Realtime Casting encourages activism in online casting. I’m inviting you to join other progressive voiceover thinkers in making Realtime Casting work for the voiceover industry of tomorrow.

– Jim Kennelly
Realtime Casting

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