Presenting “Fun with Friday Google Alerts”

Every Friday in 2015, I will post a blog featuring news curated from interesting Google Alerts

whatever realtime castingWhat is a Google Alert?
A Google Alert is defined as “content change detection and notification service, offered by the search engine company Google. The service sends emails to the user when it finds new results—such as web pages, newspaper articles, or blogs—that match the user’s search term.”

In English, when someone writes something online with a word you are watching, you get an email about it.

Working with Google Alerts
I will let you in on a small secret about me. For the last five years, I have had more than 100 variations of Google Alerts delivered to my email based on the following topics:

a. Voiceover industry news
b. Marketing and Technology news
c. Trends in Customer Service
d. Trends in business practices
e. Blogs
f. Friends, staff I worked with, my own name, and family

At one point, I watched specifically for when people or businesses I knew and worked with were being talked about, so I could answer comments promptly. In addition, I love to read about new business practices. There are some who blog regularly, business owners or company blogs, and offer powerful business advice. Some of the alerts have inspired many blogs I have written myself. More importantly, when new voiceover businesses started and they used marketing automation tools that sent articles to PR websites, I had the chance to see it.

Ultimately, I was using my email to keep an eye on things. I offer this tip for those who worry about image and PR: Use your name as a Google Alert.

So why this blog?
Some content I catch on Google Alerts is strange, hilarious, educational, and informative. Sometimes, it gets REALLY interesting. I once found out a person I knew was wanted by the FBI. How? I had his name in a Google Alert because I got a bad feeling about him, and just tested it. I have also found other websites stealing content from people I know personally, so it helps to watch whats happening globally.

Working for Realtime Casting, I also found out the many meanings of the acronym “RTC”, which is largely why we do not use that acronym anymore. Google Alerts also gives one the skin to recognize what content online is just “noise” vs. “quality”.

I also found from alerts how voice actors have become a part of marketing for large videogame releases, in which voice actors are used to “secretly reveal information about an upcoming game”. Their fans love it.

We wont bore you with that preface each week
Today, my favorite Google Alert came under the alert “audio producer”.

I was directed to this article about a $35,000 audio speaker, named Sausalito, that stands at 42-inches tall and claims to provide the same sound image no matter where you stand in the room.

There is an interesting description of how it was built that escapes me, but people at CES in Las Vegas would understand.

Keeping it short this week
My final tip is to say that my Google Alerts are simply words I see being talked about, and what I am thinking. Quite often, you will see new opportunity and ideas appear before you simply because someone you were meant to work with, wrote about something that interests you.

We all end up working with like-minded people and this is a tool that can help!

Best to you!

Any thoughts on this blog post?

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