Some quick staff How To videos for Realtime Casting

Are you trying to find out how to create a profile or audition on Realtime Casting?

realtime castingOur staff made these two quick How To Videos for working on Realtime Casting

How to Create a Profile

And for those paid members…

How to Audition on the new Realtime Casting…

We are sure there are many questions about the new website. Starting new websites leads to speedbumps, requests for fixes, and bug reports. We just want to throw out some comments about recently asked questions:

1. It is not possible to get information from the old website.

2. This new website works best on Google Chrome and Firefox. It may have problems with Internet Explorer.

3. Agents are now able to post scripts and audition their own talent, with audio players to make hiring from the audition page easier.

4. We have an updated email experience that involves your agent working with people who find you on our search.

5. The Find a Voice section displays only paid members or people who have filled out profiles. Make sure your bio is complete on your profile.

If you had a profile on the old website and still cannot login, please send us an email to

Thanks so much and let us know if there is a video demonstration you would like to see!

Best to you,
Realtime Casting

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