For real…It is time to update your profile and demos!

Realtime Casting changed over to a new website design on December 23rd, 2014. Not all profiles or demos have been updated!

realtimecasting surveySo, yesterday a voice talent wrote me and showed me her Realtime Casting profile. She asked for my opinion:

I really liked it, and let her know, but then she said something interesting to me:

“When I go through profiles on the search, it looks like no one has updated their demos or website profiles yet.”

What is the problem with profiles and demos not being updated?
It’s a big problem and you may notice this across websites or social media in general. It is all psychological and kinda interesting:

1. It looks like “no one is home”.
You can always tell who is paying attention to their profile by the graphics they use and the text. There is something “fresh” about it.

2. It looks like one of those, “I forgot my password, so I made a new account, profiles.”
Do you really think there are 100,000 voice talent online around the world? Think again. Try 1/3 of that amount actively pursuing. When we mess up creating online profiles, we all start over. Online, that can lead to LOTS of wasted website space. It can plague the reputation of a website, especially. Currently, Realtime Casting only has 1100 profiles and about 500 of them are actively being used. But we know there are profiles floating around there.

3. It looks like you quit using the website.
But you did not quit, did you? This happens because website changes affect the way it renders in different devices differently. Instead of asking, “Hey. Did you quit?”, they assume you wont answer their contact attempt.

Note: Did you know? Regardless of the amount of online opinions you read, good or bad, people tend to only complain 3 out of 10 times. That’s a pain, especially, if you want to know what people think and they are too shy to tell you.

Some profile creating tips in general. And these can apply anywhere…

1. Start over. Create something new. Create a new Realtime Casting profile.

  • Why? ‘Copy and paste profile creating’ does not help you. Each website offers new experiences and feels based on the mind of the website’s creator. This determines how people communicate through the website.
  • Copying and pasting info from a personal website to social media to talent profile websites to other website services…. ignores why people spending the money use the websites.
  • Oh…and it also looks like ‘spray and pray’ spam marketing. We all think that way, even if we don’t say it or know web lingo to say it a trendy way.

2. Write like you are talking to someone personally.

  • Why? It is a human thing to do, and let’s face it…using websites feels impersonal, so the demand is greater to see your human side. And just like a human being, make it very easy for complete strangers to understand when they come across your profile.

3. Use a photo that fits the design of the website and do not use the website’s placeholder

  • Did you notice how Realtime Casting uses circles as picture frames? If you’re image is too small, it may look like a square peg within a round hole. The obsessive-compulsive artistic types cannot stand looking at something like that for too long.

4. Use descriptions of your demo that are human, not tags

  • One thing about being a website, after someone has created another established website, people sometimes expect the new website to offer what has worked for others in the past.
  • However, copying what others do and renaming the store only works for pizzerias and insurance companies. Website businesses copy what works from each other at times, but that should not influence you to do the same. IN FACT…being “different” and “good” is much more interesting than “being like everyone else.”
  • Describe your demo in a human, easy-to-read way that shows you understand the plight of the listener on the other side of the screen.  Human, quick, and comprehensive behavior brings out the best in reactions.

5. Forget what the old website used to do. This is about showing your voiceover skill and online awareness.

  • We cannot explain enough why the old website had to change. A reality of today’s voice talent online is that ignoring website trends or thinking “low tech acceptance in large numbers makes it right” will contribute to people not listening to your demo.
  • It is also a reality that no matter how good you are behind a mic, the opportunity to record is influenced by your online content.
  • If you want to control your online image, make sure all your online content is fresh, creative, quality, and up to date.

We hope these tips help! Let us know if you need assistance!

2 thoughts on “For real…It is time to update your profile and demos!

  1. Can I please get a live human to help me?? I am a paid subscriber. I reset my password. Now your new system doesnt recognize my old username. Now your new system wants me to register again and apparently pay $200 again?? I would like to upload my demos and make my new profile, please. I am missing out on auditions now daily coming into my inbox.
    -Markham Anderson, New York


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