Bug Fix Report for Week 1

In an effort to keep you informed as things change, and offer some insight into us, we share with you what is being fixed or has been fixed already! And now it is time for some humility…

fixing bugs

Bug: Incorrect display of Membership expiration date.

  • Status: Let us know if your date is not displaying properly, which appears in your profile.

Bug: Not being able to login/password not working.

  • Status: This happens for three reasons: The account was not crossed over or the profile was never created or Login details changed during cross-over from old platform.

You can fix it by using the password retrieval link: http://realtimecasting.com/forgotten-password

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be careful which link you click in the email. There will be two links.

  • One will reset the password and allow you to set a new one.
  • One will cancel the password reset request.
  • This is done to prevent accounts from getting hacked.

Bug: Profile text disappearing

  • Status: NOT a bug. Voice talent with heavily formatted profiles in the past have to update their profile again from the start. We will not have the old text. This is unfortunate, but necessary.

Why? The old website had serious problems. It allowed for voice talent to create profile descriptions with custom formatting, which included links, colors and a bunch of other things. This hurt the website’s ability to be found on Google over the years. We had to change. The website once also had “3 profiles”, which also violated duplicate content rules. If you would like to keep up with why we do things, read this website often.

The new website has basic text box for profile descriptions to coincide with website trends that “help people get found”. What we personally want to do, and what Google allows, is not always in harmony.

Text was lost when changing from a .php platform to a .jade platform when removing formatting, much formatted text went with it. We apologize for things like this. It stinks, but it’s necessary with online business life.

Important notes about Searches: Not seeing yourself?

  • Update your profile and wait 10 minutes.
  • Make sure you are a paid member
  • The search displays paid members only to give those subscribers extra advantage for being hired.

If you would like to renew for an exciting 2015, please register or login at our homepage! If anything, we promise you will be a much smarter, well-informed voice actor online!

Best to you and keep in touch! Your feedback matters!

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