New Realtime Casting is Here! And now a simple FYI…

The new Realtime Casting has been released! Finished? Well, nothing is ever finished until we have all your feedback!

voiceover jobsThe new Realtime Casting is here!

Here is a simple rundown of what will be happening this week:

– Voice talent will need to upload their demos again. No worries. There is only one profile.

– The staff at Realtime Casting will be posting test jobs to see if all is working properly. No worries, again. We will tell you which one are tests.

– There will also be real job postings being posted, so make sure to update all your profile information.

– You will see us, well, talking a lot in social media to try out some tools we worked on to help market voice talent.

Special note: Given this is a testing week, there may be some bumps along the way. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Common questions we get asked by voice actors:

Question: “Tell me! What has changed about the website?”
Answer: Almost everything! We have new:

– Email designs and experience to keep you well-informed
– New user interface
– One profile to state everything you do (instead of 3 profiles for each skill)
– New demos page for easy sharing of your audio
– New search, auditioning, and a faster website

There is so much! Please test it this week! Upload your demos and update your profile!

Question: “Wait! I have no agent and do not belong to a union. Can I use the site?”
Answer: Yes! If you have no agent, use “Realtime Voices”. Realtime Voices is not an agency. It is a way to try the site without agency representation. If you are not in a union, there is a place to indicate this on your profile.

Question: “Did you say that agents will now be posting jobs?”
Answer: Yes. We are offering an audition platform and email experience that helps individual agencies work with their own talent. In short, an agent can post a job and only invite their own represented talent. This is a great tool for agents who can audition, listen to audio, and download it to complete auditions faster, and without manually sending out dozens of emails.

Question: “Do I use my email or my agents in my profile?”
Answer: Voice actors have to use their own email addresses with the new site. Important note! Please know agents are not employees of Realtime Casting. Any issues you have with the website should be communicated to our customer support.

Question: “Can I create a profile…you know…just have a place to share my demos?”
Answer: Yes, and we encourage this. Why? The simple fact is there are certain voices that see fewer job postings than others (ex: Russian or Portuguese voices). However, you are still very much needed! Having you on the site will help us…help you!

Special note: Realtime Casting is looking for more voice actors particularly men and women, 18-25 years of age, and child voices. We are also looking for multilingual and native speakers of languages outside of North America. If you know anyone who may be interested, please let them know!

If you have any new questions about Realtime Casting, please feel free to comment below!

We hope you enjoy everything and look forward to working with you in 2015!

We offer this survey as well. You can keep it real with us!

6 thoughts on “New Realtime Casting is Here! And now a simple FYI…

  1. I have received two emails in the new format last few days. But the system is not recognizing me at all, password or username. I am a paid member. Please advise so I can re-upload demos and make sure everything is working on my page. Happy New Year guys!
    Excited for the new tools!!!!!
    -Markham Anderson
    New York


    • Hi Yvonne! Thanks for your interest!

      You can find “Realtime Voices” in the selection of Agents. I promise…it is there. It is halfway through the menu. Scroll gently. 😀 Oddly, I noticed this difficulty just minutes ago.

      As for non-union status, it is there as well. We are fixing a scrolling bug with that menu. To find it, RIGHT NOW:

      Click on every option for Union Affiliation.
      Then delete the ones that do not apply.

      You will also have this same problem for Production Capability. There are many more choices than what appears.

      Thanks for your comment too!!! Glad to help!!! Happy New Year!!!


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