FAQ: What the New Realtime Casting Means for Voice Talent

Ok! This time it’s “4realz”. We had a false start some weeks back. We officially now present:

An FAQ for Voice Talent about the new Realtime Casting website

realtime casting voiceover ratesThis week Realtime Casting launched its new look website and there are some important changes we’d like to share with you. Let’s keep it simple:

Will my username and password stay the same?


Will I have to upload my demos/reels again?

The good news is yes! Realtime Casting has a new way of displaying demos making it easier to share with producers. Files will need to be in an MP3 format.

*Note, producers will be looking to cast as soon as the new website launches, so make sure they can hear you by uploading your demos ASAP.

Will I have to adjust my headshots and profile information?

Yes. The new Realtime Casting website will have one profile showcasing several different styles instead of three separate profiles, so you may need to make some adjustments.

Will I have to pay for my membership again?

No not if you are a current paid member.

Why would my account NOT be transferred over to the new site?

Accounts that have NOT been paid within the last year will not be transferred to the new site.

Can I still audition?


Changes to Realtime Casting profiles?

Voice talent with Lotas Productions selected in their profiles will now be listed as Realtime Casting Voices.

Voice talent without agents should select Realtime Casting Voices when creating their profiles.

Agents will now have the ability to post jobs and manage auditions themselves for their own talent.


A quick refresh on how Realtime Casting works for you

  1. Job posted by agent or producer
  2. Job matches voice talent profile (you)
  3. Voice talent is notified via email (you)
  4. Voice talent with paid subscription auditions (you)
  5. Producer receives auditions
  6. Producer contacts agent (you)
  7. Agent negotiates with client and takes booking
  8. Producer works with voice talent (you)
  9. Voice talent is paid through Paymaster

We welcome your feedback and questions at support@realtimecasting.com

Any thoughts on this blog post?

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