3 Necessities to Solicit a VO Agent/Manager

Awesome advice within for voiceover talent.

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Okay, I admit… I was feeling a bit “crabby” yesterday.   Why?  Sunday happens to be the day I clean up and go back to all the remaining emails of the previous workweek.  Keep in mind, I personally get over 200 emails a day and obviously have to prioritize.  Within those thousand weekly emails, 20-30 talent a week will solicit ACM and my last task for the week is to listen to their demos.   So what has my “panties in a bunch” so to speak?  Simply put… the lack of effort I’m witnessing with unsolicited emails.  If someone wants ACM’s and my attention, why wouldn’t he/she want to present himself/herself in the best light?  I will admit that agency representation may seem more casual than a job interview but, in effect, they are the same so here is my recommendations so you can put your best foot forward with…

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