1st Annual Voice Arts Awards Announces Nominees

The very first Voice Arts™ Awards, an open competition voted upon by experts related to the entry categories, today has released the list of their 2014 Nominees. This award ceremony will be part of events taking place on November 9th and 10th for That’s Voiceover!

voice arts awardsThe list of nominees includes many well-known faces in the voiceover industry, including voice actors who have very much grown their careers in public view through the online industry. Several special awards (lifetime achievement, etc.) will also be awarded. Some awards will be presented during a live Voice Arts™ Awards Gala, which will be open for ticket sales to the public.

You can view the full list of nominees on Voice Arts Awards webpage.

Tickets to the event are available here. You can use promo code “realtime”.

Some Congratulations to Realtime Casting members nominated!

Outstanding National TV Commercial
Dave Pettitt for Tourism Ecuador

Outstanding National TV Promo Campaign
Chris Fries for FOX Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Jeff Wilburn for NBA on TNT

Outstanding Video Game Character
Lex Lang – Crash Bandicoot Franchise

Cheers to everyone involved!

ps- Jim Kennelly, producer and GM of Realtime Casting will be appearing at That’s Voiceover!  It will be a pleasure to see everyone.

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