Autumn in New York…and more Voiceovers!

It’s Autumn in New York. It’s good for voiceovers.

RealtimeCastingWith each orange leaf, slightly shorter day, and drop in temperature it’s clear: We are standing on the cusp of a new season. The autumnal equinox in New York began this week and I believe any change of season is an opportunity for celebration, and I see the autumnal equinox as an especially fruitful time for reflection and growth.

Balance Goals and WorkMSP_Bench
Because day and night are equal in length, the equinox just may be the perfect time to seek balance in your voiceover life. Fall is known as a season of abundance. So, why not set your goals for the season ahead?

This is the perfect time to give thanks for the many good things in voiceovers. I’m thankful for expanding media opportunities which produce more voice work, for young writers and directors who care about actors and the chance we have to stick together and build a better voiceover industry. A new industry that includes trust, respect and honest communication and offers a chance to evolve and grow together.

Create a list of the things, large and small, that you’re grateful for and the people you’re thankful to have surrounding or encouraging you.

Busier times ahead and it’s great
Fall is a gorgeous time of year, but it can also be one of the busiest for many of us in voiceovers. For me, Autumn in New York means political races and instant casting and bookings-all night long! I love the challenge of finding “just the right” voice for a campaign.

A voice who is available 8-12 weeks, everyday! Many with home studios. And talents who are ready to record. I am often asked, “Who’s available in the next 20 minutes?” Scripts are flying around. Copy is quickly being written and copy cuts are being made during the session.

Directing the sessions, I always remember to record a few shorter script options for the editor and to ask the talents to read a few lightning fast disclaimers. And then it’s… “Stand by, we’re playing it for the candidate…OK, it’s approved. But, be ready for an update within the hour.” I love it. It’s fast, it’s fun and we’re able to offer our friends lots of voicework. And, unlike other campaigns…you can see if your candidate wins on election night! Instant results.

Tis’ the season(s)
After election season, it’s holiday spots, and new product introductions to energized everyone’s production schedules. Even as I’m busy doing what I laughingly call work…I never forget to communicate with family, best friends, clients, actors and their agents. This is the perfect time to welcome harmony into your life.

Here’s my session or audition tip:MSG_Fall tree
The air is cooling down, making autumn the perfect season to get outdoors and appreciate nature. Make the time to get outside, whether it’s for a short walk through your neighborhood park or a drive in the country. And remember to eat something delicious.

Clear your voiceover head! Turn off your phone (except to take pictures) and gather with friends. Take some time to breathe in the beauty of this amazing season. It’ll be good for your lungs, attitude and ultimately, your reads!

If you’ve set goals for the season ahead (maybe improving your home studio set up, learning how to work better online?), there’s no better time to start then now.

Any thoughts on this blog post?

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