Rudy Gaskins of That’s Voiceover! talks voiceover biz with Realtime Casting

This week, Rudy Gaskins (in image below) co-creator of That’s Voiceover! took some time to stop by the Realtime Casting NYC office at Lotas Productions.

Rudy Gaskins, the CEO and Executive Creative Director of Push Creative, jumped in the recording booth run by GM Jim Kennelly to record this interview below with Andrew Peters, Realtime Casting founder, speaking from his Melbourne, Australia booth nearly 10,300 miles away!

They discuss such topics as:

  • The inspiration behind That’s Voiceover!
  • Working from home studios and the current voiceover market
  • How to attend That’s Voiceover! in New York City on November 9th & 10th
  • The 1st Voice Arts Awards Gala
  • Realtime Casting
  • Working as a voice actor with SAG-AFTRA

Interested in attending That’s Voiceover! ?
Our own Jim Kennelly will be in attendance at That’s Voiceover!, offering advice on your demos. We hope to see you there!

Thats voiceover realtime casting


ps- Dont forget our own Jim Kennelly will be there, producer at Lotas Productions!



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