New Webinar! “What Voice Casting Site is Perfect for You?”

This Realtime Casting webinar is coming up next Thursday, September 11th at 2pm EDT and focuses on helping voice talent choose the best voice casting website for their careers, without the deflating and disappointing trial and error

questions about voiceovers on realtime casting“What Voice Casting Site is Perfect for You?”
Realtime Casting cares about the success of voice talent! With over 60 years voiceover experience and 10 years online experience on staff, we feel comfortable letting voice talent know this simple fact:

Even though there are hundreds casting sites, not every website is right for everyone just because they wish to do voiceover work or have experience in voiceovers.

We also know “why” and we hold this webinar to give all voice talent the details on how to know what is best for them.

About the webinar and presenter button
This webinar is presented by new business developer at Realtime Casting, Steven Lowell, a trusted advocate for helping voice talent make healthy online business choices for their careers.

You can register here today.
The Q&A, alone, will be worth it at a cost of 20 USD. (please see payment instructions in webinar registration link)

We open this up to all levels of experience because we know even the most experienced voice actor cannot use all casting sites, and if you are just starting to investigate working online, you may have lots of questions.

Special Notes:

  • The webinar video will be made available for all who paid to attend
  • We also have more sneak peaks into the new Realtime Casting website coming soon!

We hope to see you there!

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