Voiceover Webinar Questions Part 2

Bringing you another important question by a voice talent at our recent webinar: “The State of the Voiceover Industry”

Mike Pollock of realtime castingLet’s get right into it! A voice talent asked us:

If the casting requirement is (for a person to record) in NYC, is the talent more likely to be selected from NYC, even if there is a more qualified voice talent elsewhere?

What Realtime Casting Answered
Given the state of today’s industry, where pretty much anyone can record from home around the world, the producer hiring can make adjustments to hire the voice they want regardless of where they live.

If for some reason a producer finds it easier, maybe enjoys the in-studio experience (because many still do), or has a greater preference to record locally in a studio, they may make their selection of voice talent based on his/her location just as much as whether or not they want to hire the voice.

If for some reason the talent was not local, and that producer wanted to hire them anyway, they may even use a local studio to run a session with a person from home. The question of “more qualified talent elsewhere” never really comes up. The perception and expectation of someone who auditions online is one of: “The person will be a professional voice actor because they claim to be a professional voice actor.”

On a footnote…This also means that there is an expectation of reading the requirements. If a location is specified and the talent is not local, they should think about whether or not they should audition. Why? One thing that is very upsetting, in any business, is to find what you want and then learn you cannot have it. If a producer loves a voice, wants to hire the person, but then finds out they cannot hire him/her, in terms of web etiquette, the audition feels like a spam attempt.

There are truly no absolutes in an industry like voiceovers, especially in 2014.

Thanks again for those who attended the webinar! We hope you find the next one helpful!

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