Voiceover Webinar Questions Part 1

We present a question we were asked and Realtime Casting’s answer in last week’s webinar

Mike Pollock of realtime castingThere were several questions in our webinar, “The State of the Voiceover Industry”, and this blog will cover one of them…

Question: How can we as voice talent be stronger catalysts for a better online voiceover casting marketplace?

Realtime Casting was pleased to answer this question, perhaps more so because the question indicated “ownership” and “accountability” on the part of the voice actor.

The simple fact is this: Every voice actor, experienced or just getting started, has a responsibility to him or herself to make the best choices that will not only serve the future of voiceover work for the career of the individual, but also serve the entire industry. The decision to hold oneself accountable for his/her own choices requires a person takes the time to educate themselves as to the way online casting works, without simply relying on the website to do it for them. If a person is fully aware of the gravity of his/her choices, doing things like “saying no” to certain online behaviors will become easier.

It is also unrealistic for any voice talent to expect a website to create some form of casting, either through algorithm or open castings, that will purely make an online industry perfect, simply because there are elements in the human condition of the voiceover industry that will never change, such as:

  • Frustration with rejection
  • Privacy in regards to selections of voices made
  • Fear of work suddenly drying up
  • Fear that one is somehow not keeping up with changing times
  • Fear that others are damaging the industry
  • Frustration over finances and financial security
  • Animosity towards colleagues for being successful

Therefore, if a voice talent wants to be a stronger catalyst for a better online casting service, they can do the following to control exactly that which they can hold themselves individually accountable for:

  1. Stop using services aiming to pay voice talent less
  2. Stop using services that do not agree with your idea of “healthy for you”
  3. Educate themselves and others as to trends in working online
  4. Be a positive icon of support for those who want the same career you do
  5. Financially support only websites that share a like-minded belief as to the positive future of the industry

For if a person ever gives away power and acts on these mantras or behaviors:

  • “Screw everyone. I need money.”
  • “They need to make website clients pay talent more money! That will do it!”
  • Using industry websites with negative opinions towards better rates for talent
  • Demanding changes without knowing what changes will work and why or why not
  • Believing marketing of companies over reality of how a service impacts the industry

…then voice talent, individually and as a community, have no one to point the finger at other than themselves.

The strongest catalyst for a better online marketplace is for voice talent to recognize the power they have to make change, and use that power to make healthier business decisions for the individual and the industry.

Coming up next blog, we answer another insightful question from our webinar!

Thank you again for all who attended!

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