Talking Casting Sites with Realtime Owner Andrew Peters

Realtime Casting’s owner, Andrew Peters, talks about his discussion with a talent after a comment made on Facebookthe voice behind realtime casting

A friend of mine, a fine actor, Drew Tingwell made this comment on his Face Book page and it’s worth sharing.

“There seem to be a lot of casting agents out there at the moment, who stipulate that they are seeking non-actors to act in the projects they are being briefed on, to find actors to act in. I thought this seemed like a good idea.

Then I employed a non-surgeon to perform my hernia operation.

Turns out a real surgeon would have been a better idea. Who knew people considered experts in their field would be better able to deliver what you want than someone who has NO F****G IDEA?”

His comments reminds me of the inspiration behind why I started Realtime Casting. I want to appeal to anyone who believes they should take their voice over career to the next level. There are these “P2P sites” out there with great talent as members and they seem to book regularly, which sounds great as a surface value. The problems start to become clear when you scratch the surface and see what the real issues are for voice talent.

Lets look at some:

1. ROI & Pension and Health

The first thing that springs to mind is the amount of non-union work you need to do to make the same money you could in the union arena, and how much pension and health will cost you without union assistance.

2. Knowing your worth
Imagine for this exercise you are a can of baked beans. Yes, it sounds odd but let me continue.
Would you?
a. Mark yourself half the price of all the other brands on the shelf?
b. Display yourself in the canned fruit section, as a point of difference?
c. Be seen with all the top brands?

Imagine you were a premium organic can of beans, but were on sale in a discount store.
Would you?
a. Discount yourself out of business?
b. Ask for your real value and sit on the shelf forever?
c. Not be there at all?

If you answered C for both questions you are getting the picture. When you remove the glamour from our profession and see yourself as a product, things become much clearer.

The upside of traditional P2P sites
home studio We are not out to insult people who want to be voice talent, or those who rely on such sites because these talent are important to the industry. We know from experience that the real value of most P2P sites is how they give up and coming voice actors a place to get started, sharpen their craft, find their value in the market place, and find out if they are able to sustain a voice over career.

Luckily for these sites, there are an infinite number of people “wanting to get started”. Not surprisingly, these same talent were inspired by voiceover work done by talent you find on Realtime Casting. However, these other sites became a “great place to get started”, but chose to remain that way, giving them a shelf-life.

Voice talent careers grew beyond the work being offered. People need more out of a career. Once you have worked hard on your craft, built a client base, and have shown that you are ready to graduate to a venue that understands your real worth, new options must be made available.

Recognize your talent
One thing to remember is that not everyone will reach the top, and that is the reality of the industry, but if you don’t…never sell yourself short.

One of the best ways to improve is to hangout with the best and compete with them. The ‘J Curve’ in our industry comes when you are working with the best. I know for me, I have learned more from working with others than I could ever learn watching a video or sitting in a class.

Can you see yourself auditioning with the people you look up to, maybe the one that inspired you to become a voice actor? This is what Realtime Casting has set out to achieve by giving union talent the tools they need to compete in the online industry but also offer opportunities to talent who have earned their stripes and are ready to join the best and ultimately the union.

Know your product!Mike Pollock of realtime casting
If you are the organic premium can of baked beans do not compete with beans half the quality and price, you need new marketing to showcase your real worth, an eye-level shelf in the premium product aisle that makes people smile that they did not have to bend over or stretch to find what they wanted.

Realtime Casting launches a new website later this month. We look to be that new eye-level, premium website for producers that makes all in the voiceover industry smile and remember the industry they wanted to be a part of, in an online environment.

Any thoughts on this blog post?

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