Voiceover Outtakes: Mike Pollock of Realtime Casting

Mike Pollock of Realtime Casting shares his outtakes from a recent vovoiceover outtakes iceover gig

If you spend enough time online, you will find millions of pages filled with voiceover business advice and “how to” articles. Even if you work hard and follow every piece of advice to the letter or pay attention to all the noise and advice online…

Once you get in the voiceover booth things change…and it’s time play hard.

No one reads a “how to” advice article while being directed as they stand in a voiceover booth (or sit). The business person inside you must let the voiceover artist take over. The interesting thing about being an artist is that the profession of being an artist demands you follow your own rules as to “what works”. Sounds nice, but the challenging part about doing what works is letting your creative voice figure things out, while the business who hired you may say things like, “Try it this way, but I still like what you did.” If you stop and think for one moment, “Am I doing this right?”, you have broken the creative flow and the script is suddenly missing something.

Mike Pollock, voice actor with Realtime Casting, was kind enough to share these edited outtakes from a recent voiceover gig he booked through us. You may hear how, even in the act of doing business, he is not editing himself before he reads. He keeps a creative flow moving, which to any other person outside voiceovers may sound strange, when in fact he is working things out to make for a great recording.


Thanks to Mike Pollock for allowing us to use this! 😀

Got any info you wish to share with us? Please email us at administrator@realtimecasting.com!

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