Why Realtime Casting is a Voiceover Cause

Jim Kennelly of Realtime Casting and owner of Lotas Productions shares an editorial for voice actors, agents, and producers


Why does the voiceover industry need Realtime Casting?

Would you like to be part of a cause greater than yourself or be involved in solving an important problem facing the current voiceover industry, which in turn affects your families and peers?

Realtime Casting was developed to improve the financial lives of the people in the voiceover industry, so that every future generation in the voiceover business has a stronger career than the preceding one.

This makes Realtime Casting, not just a website, it makes us a “cause”.

What are we doing at Realtime Casting?

At Realtime we are creating an environment where everyone contributes from around the world:

  • Voice talents
  • Agents
  • Producers
  • Sag Aftra
  • Paymasters
  • Ad agencies big and small
  • Branding and Production companies
  • Independent producers in the US and around the world.

We want to have an environment where the top talent can do the best voiceover work of their lives. Realtime Casting works for you.

Why is Realtime getting the best voices?

Individual talents and their agents have joined Realtime Casting because it was created by voiceover industry people. We share like-minded beliefs in how voiceovers should work. We share the same sense of humor and career goals. We share common beliefs in how a person should be paid, and more importantly, how much.

Realtime Casting is an online website to promote union voiceover work. It’s separating itself from other websites that tell you, “forget about the past”. Realtime Casting’s cause is to shine a light on the belief that voice actors should be paid well for the work they do, regardless of where they work be it a pro studio in Los Angeles or a home studio in Tampa Bay.

The voice actors on Realtime Casting are represented by voice agents and only Sag Aftra work is posted. Union voiceover work is the type of work professional talents build careers around. Doing the math behind your career and thinking ahead isn’t always easy. The staff at Realtime Casting has the career, business, and life experience to know how a voice career plays out from start to finish.

A list of reasons why Realtime Casting membership will mean something to you

Gain professional experiencevoice actress at RealtimeCasting

You can grow and expand your career. Audition for many different voiceover projects in a variety of styles: commercials, narrations, promos, web videos, tutorials, animation and e-lessons.

Bring the industry together

We are uniting voice talents, agents and producers from diverse backgrounds to work towards a common goal: Building the best future for the professional voiceover industry. As we do this, we’re building camaraderie and teamwork with an overall respect for the needs of people’s careers and personal lives.

Online career growth

Certain voiceover work impresses clients in different markets, while certain voiceover work impresses EVERYONE. Our work is the work you feel good talking about. We understand the voiceover community needs to succeed online. The auditioning and hiring tools Realtime provides helps producers find the most experienced voice actors.

Support for working online to everyone

For billions of people around the world, the Internet has become an essential component of their everyday social and business lives. Being found first online is always on the talent’s mind, and so is finding away to stand out amongst the plethora of pages, video clips, and audio recordings found on the web have also become essential.

Realtime Casting membership is an investment in our cause to help producers, voice talent, and agents who make up the voiceover community, succeed within such an environment.

You make a difference and we know it! Every person in the voiceover industry counts!

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