True Voiceover Tales of Realtime Casting

The following is an actual account of events in a day in the life of Jim Kennelly, GM at Realtime Casting and owner of Lotas Productions

Realtime Casting voiceover feedback

True Feedback
As General Manager of Realtime Casting, I was thrilled to receive this compliment:

“In Realtime Casting, we found a team that understands what we need across a variety of demands, every time. The set of voiceover talent Realtime Casting provides to us are consistently high quality, top caliber and professional. Keep up the good work Realtime Casting!” – BKP Media

True Voiceover Tale:
I want to share a story I’ve been telling voice agents and voice actors here in New York City. It involves one “day in the life” on our website Realtime Casting and the amazing voice actors who use it.

6:30am EST / 2:30pm Dubai time.

Realtime Casting’s global clients start my casting day very early with this very typical email request, “Samsung wants American male voices to audition for a Ramadan radio spot”. They need to review voice auditions that afternoon, before 5 PM Dubai time, which means American voices must be found sometime between waking up and breakfast.

7:00am EST / 3:00pm Dubai
The voiceover copy is sent to me and I post it on our Realtime Casting website.

7:30am EST / 3:30pm Dubai
As I commute into New York City, voiceover auditions are already being uploaded onto the Realtime Casting website. This allows the producers in Dubai to hear top American voice talent as soon as they are posted. This is a big plus for the voice talent and producers who use Realtime Casting.  Unlike Voicebank, where a talent must wait for all the other voices at his agency to audition before an assistant uploads a zip file and eventually emails a link to a producer, Realtime auditions are available immediately for review.

8:30am EST / 4:30pm Dubai
I arrive at my New York recording studio, Lotas Productions, and we’re already getting requests to check the availability of three voice talents. And make a note, 2 of the 3 voices are from Los Angeles! Talk about the early bird catching the worm!

9:00am EST / 5:00pm Dubai
Good news! The client in Dubai has made a decision: The talented Tom Spackman of CESD NY is booked through his fantastic agent, Anita Reilly. Check the video below from his session:

Realtime Voiceover Casting
This is how we see the voiceover industry today and it’s only going to get faster.  As a voice talent, are you ready for this? Is your agent or manager prepared for this reality?

At Realtime, we have made it easier and faster than ever before to hire SAG-AFTRA voiceover talent. There are few young producers who will go out of their way, or be inconvenienced for the privilege of giving a union voice talent their clients hard-earned money.FB--Profile-Photo

Realtime Casting makes it very easy for producers to do business with you. As a proactive voice talent you must be able to provide new producers with what they want, when they want it. For producers, Realtime Casting has been building and improving the only free and fast online union voice casting platform, featuring the world’s best voices.

For voice talent, the cost is inexpensive at $199 USD/year. We have only SAG-AFTRA jobs,and we offer Paymaster services. We also have 60 plus years of voiceover experience (and connections) with 10 years of online casting experience for today’s modern online casting world.

We look forward to working with you!

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