Realtime Casting Founder Explains The Mission

The founder of Realtime Casting and voice actor, Andrew Peters, explains the mission ahead, the benefit for talent, and the need for support

As the founder of Realtime Casting, and one who is consistently working as a voice talent, I thought it was time for me to talk about why membership is important in addition to being an extremely good way to be marketed in the online industry.

Why Realtime Casting Existsthe voice behind realtime casting
Realtime Casting was built as a response to online non-union casting sites. Our casting site offers union talent, free union voice casting, strong online presence, and the same tools non-union voice talent have had for many years.

As a voice talent myself, I had looked into and joined some of these sites in the past. It was an eye-opener in both a positive and negative way. Positive: Technology is something that I believe, only if used correctly, is very good for voice actors. Negative: But when used for lowering rates, while selling that the dream of becoming a voice actor is somehow being fulfilled, it is not something I believe in.

I am a voice talent with 36 years experience and seen lots of change in my time. I have learnt probably more in the last 5 years than the other 31 years combined! This is due to the rapid change technology offers. The main thing to remember is our voiceover business still works the same. Technology just means the sourcing and delivery has changed.

Voice Talent Marketing and Realtime Casting
I like the fact we as talent can be marketed online with the ability to update information whenever we want. There are no more cassettes or CD’s to dub! I also like that I am able to work from my home, have instant control over my own marketing, and most importantly I like all this is being done without being ripped off.

When we worked out the business plan for Realtime Casting, we looked at who we were targeting and of course it was people like me, voice talent. We wanted protection, and we saw agents were very important. We then discussed what would be a fair fee to be part of Realtime Casting and believed $199 was very good value.jim

We wanted to showcase the best voice talent available so that experienced producers could find a selection of perfect voices for their voiceover projects, and also make booking union easy. In this respect, joining forces with Jim Kennelly of Lotas Productions in New York City was a major boost for us. He is well-respected, connected, industry-savvy, and works in the Flatiron District of Manhattan in his own recording studio. He is also a Union Paymaster.

Talking With The Right People
Jim and I discussed everything about union voiceover work, and what we wanted to achieve with simply the best casting tool for producers, that also supported union voice talent.

I flew to New York to meet with SAG/AFTRA and explained to them what we were doing; providing all the online marketing and tools non-union talent have been benefiting from, but providing it for union voice talent in a manner that puts voice talent as priority #1, and not technology or affordable rates.

Getting Ready for a 2nd Launch!
Two and a half years after our first launch we have learned a lot and have made major changes to the business to make the experience for members and producers the best possible.

This summer, we are using that knowledge to relaunch a new cutting edge casting site and brought on a new team member, who has almost a decade of online casting experience, and like Jim Kennelly and myself has many years experience in the voiceover industry as a talent. We also have a bright young web developer we will tell you more about in the future, and he is excited to be a part of the voiceover industry.

I am very pleased to say we will have the best site and online presence, experience spanning generations, a cutting edge platform, and a team of industry professionals who know the real voiceover business and how to market it.

Realtime Casting is not a quick fix. It is a long-term business designed to bring the industry back into good shape. This is why we need your support to continue to do what we set out to do.

Many talent ask us, “Why pay $199 to join?”. Being a voice talent, I say it is the most cost affective way to market yourself, audition, and book with the best producers. This is simply what your subscription pays for:

– Daily/Weekly staff marketing of voice talent to the best producers directly
– Finding Union voiceover work to be posted
– Marketing of voice talent members
– Education as to how bigger voiceover jobs are being booked
– Connections with real people offline in the voiceover industry
– Running the website, development, and being there for voice talent to help with miscellaneous service requests or inquiries (always a pleasure to help!)

Please write us if you have any questions!

Please visit here if you would like to register! (Note! Until Labor Day 2014, all voice talent subscriptions will be $199 for 1 year + 3 free months as part of a summer discount)

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