Get Your Summer Discount on Realtime Casting!

Announcing a special discount for those interested in trying Realtime Casting

Hey Voice Talent! save money
If you are tired of paying more to audition for lower paying work, maybe it is time to give Realtime Casting a try?

This would be the time to do it. We are a free union casting site that works with voice talent agents and producers.

Announcing the following special for voice talent:

1. Sign up today for the cost of $199 USD
2. Receive 15-months on your Realtime Casting subscription for a discount of $50.

Note: This offer expires Labor Day 2014 and is not retroactive to prior subscription purchases

What do you get with a subscription to Realtime Casting?
For an affordable cost of about $150 you will get:

1. 15 months of auditioning for voiceover work found nowhere else online. (Our voiceover work is posted nowhere else)

2. Weekly promotions, business tips, and marketing of your auditions to professional producers

3. Connect with people who have more than 60 years combined industry experience in the traditional market, and more than 10 years in the online voice casting market.

We are real people with traditional and modern industry experience in a physical location that you can reach out to anytime. Voice actors on Realtime Casting work from home and have also recorded jobs at Lotas Productions, our NYC recording studio location in the Flatiron District.

We are also currently in a growth year and testing a brand new website that we know will knock your socks off!

The #1 Question People Ask Us
“If I do not have an agent or belong to a union, can I sign up for Realtime Casting?”

Yes, you can! The requirements involved:

1. Select Lotas Productions as the business representing you on Realtime Casting.

2. We put high emphasis on quality assurance on Realtime Casting, from demos to auditions and profiles. Our producers want “quality” and are willing to pay for it.jim

The owner of Lotas Productions, Jim Kennelly, is also GM of Realtime Casting. He is perhaps one of the friendliest guys in the voiceover business. He has helped many talented voice actors with business advice and/or direction from his studio in the Flatiron District of NYC.

Please keep an eye on us this summer and share this blog with your friends who may be looking to take their voiceover work to a new level!

If you have any questions, please let us know at, or just leave a comment for us.

We look forward to hearing you soon!

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