What would make for the perfect casting website?

Realtime Casting is currently working on a newer, faster, cleaner, and easier to use version of its website. This question always comes up, along with the question, “Is it possible?”.

perfect voiceover

A Game of Perfection
Imagine for a moment that you are a producer, voice talent, and agent, all rolled into one. You want to audition for voiceover work, do castings for others, as well as, be a studio producer.

Then through magic or even your own hard work, you knew how to code a brand new website, be your own IT team, and the perfect eye to do graphic design, while keeping up with current web trends in technology and operating customer service long enough to get feedback on how to improve your website to make customers happy.

You have all of this before you and you have to decide, “What would make for the perfect casting website?”.

What do you say makes for the perfect casting website?
In the comments below, please feel free to list 10 things.

The perfect casting website to me would need:


Why this question is easier to ask than answer
If you ask anyone what they want, they will always take into consideration their wants and desires, before considering the amount of work that has to go into it. When considering the amount of work, or type of work that goes into getting what a person wants, any form of compromise requested in the short-term gets viewed as “not getting what I want” without considering, “Will I get what I want in the long-term, after this is done?”.

In the current state of online voiceover casting, an usual situation has unfolded:

a. Those who are technology advanced lack the connections to working with the best paying clients.
b. Those who have the best connections lack the understanding of technology that is required to really run an online business.
c. The best paying clients may use outdated forms of working together online with the best voice talent.
d. The technology advanced cannot see the value in educating the best paying clients to use their technology.

The end result is having two groups of people, who will forever claim to know more than the other one and even though they may have evidence to support this, the industry is still not progressing. The obstacle of working together has become such a giant wall, and on each side of it, you have people claiming the other side is either not professional or doesn’t know anything about the voiceover industry. The ironic side to this is that both sides of the wall have plenty of artists. They just create in different methods. The harsh truth is that “knowing all about voiceovers” is not enough to run a website, just as much as, “knowing all about websites” is not enough to have a successful voice casting website. There will always be points and counter-points to explain where each side has an advantage, but those “advantages” determine who works with who.

Therefore, those who know technology will work with circles in technology, who know little of the voiceover industry. Those who know voiceovers may go the route of hiring or paying one or two really smart website designers, but remain in the dark about the tech community or common usages and trends in technology, thereby remaining at its mercy. This is the definition of people who cannot work together because one party knows “what voiceovers want” and the other knows “how to make it happen”.

Unfortunately, the low paying work being viewed online is a sign of “technology” pushing the “better paying voiceover clients” into a corner, only to work with people who work like they do. This is not a bad thing, but it can be negative for the voiceover industry when its industry leaders become people who run in tech circles. A voiceover casting site is not complete without a tech team, and given you have to know how to hire one, buying one is not good enough.

Olive Branch and Realtime Casting
The reason Realtime Casting is building a new website has to do with the hiring of staff this year, who have worked in voiceovers and online voiceover casting. Armed with knowledge of user experience and the voiceover industry, the immediate concern became from day one, “We need a new website and we need it yesterday.”

Realtime Casting has great connections, but for these connections to flourish, a great website is needed. In today’s world, we tend to judge businesses by the look and feel of their websites. We even judge “people” and their talent by these standards, “If the website is no good they must not know what I need”. Just because something “works” does not mean it “works well”, yet you can judge how well something is work by things like poor conversion rates, low traffic, and poor online reputation.

Realtime Casting is making strides to bring the best clients and paying voiceover work into the future, including those who are just now sensing in 2014 that this is the time to do it. As this new website is being built we will let you know more about it. What you can trust in right now is that the staff is completed with traditional, connected, experienced, technical, and online casting experienced staff to make sure this new website tries to be perfect for everyone.

We still want to know what you think! What makes for a perfect casting website?

2 thoughts on “What would make for the perfect casting website?

  1. Not sure this is the right spot for this comment but I have a couple of suggestions for small improvements: First, it would be nice to know when files are due as soon as you open the email. It would help me plan my workday a little better. Second; file names are almost never specified. One of my agents puts her branding in every audition file. It might look like this: GODZILLA-RTC-Tom Chantler.mp3. The client sees a consistent format and your branding is in evey file name. Just a few thoughts.


    • Hi Tom!
      Thank you for the great suggestions!

      This is one thing we have as high priority for the new site; showing the deadline in the email.

      One note: I checked something and found when you upload files on RTC, the file is auto-named by:

      [first initial] [last name] – [project name].

      No RTC branding, but we automated file naming of auditions.

      Thanks again for your suggestions! Please if you think of more, let us know!


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