Realtime Casting Report from Promax

Jim Kennelly, GM of Realtime Casting, reports on his exciting week with Promax and other members of the voiceover industry


Jim Kennelly with a Kandinsky

Promax arrived in New York City this week bringing hundreds of creative young producers, directors and talent into town. The theme was “WTF”, and everyone was thinking “F” as in “Future”. The Promax Conference was all about the future, what it holds and how we all play an increasingly crucial role. At Realtime Casting, we know that never before in the history of our business have radical changes come so quickly. But with change comes new opportunity.

At Promax, I challenged myself to expand my way of thinking and explore new boundaries. All of us at Realtime made notes, new contacts, and we look forward to taking action. We strongly believe the future of the voiceover business depends on it.

All week, I had the opportunity to listen to young producers, who hire voice talent and speak with top voice agents and voice talents. I described how Realtime Casting helps make the auditioning and hiring of Sag Aftra voice actors simple and maintains the structure of the “real” voiceover business, but uniquely Realtime Casting is free for producers to cast with online and offers familiar tools to young producers.Jen Marion and Jim

Realtime Casting was excited and honored to be the guest of Innovative Artists at The Empire Hotel rooftop bar. The dynamic young voice agent, Eileen Schellhorn, and charming and talented Shari Hoffman are both excited about building their clients’ voiceover careers. We spoke with Realtime Casting member Craig Wollman about his gig as announcer for ABC’s The View. We planned a series of new voice sessions with member Jen Cohn for her website Fashion Dilettante. Like Innovative Artists, Realtime Casting loves to support our pro-active members and encourage their work to build and shape their voiceover careers.

FOX sponsored an Opening Night Party at The Museum of Modern Art. We saw hundreds of young producers drink up art, quality booze and conversation. MOMA provided a fantastic setting to mix and chat about the future of voiceovers. monet

While enjoying the galleries, I happened to meet two very talented business women. We were all sitting before Reflections of Clouds on the Water- Lily Pond by Claude Monet. It reminded me how many times in our voiceover business, we work together for years, but never meet our counter-parts. It was my pleasure to introduce myself to Debbie Cope of Cope Management and Vanessa Gilbert of TGMD in Los Angeles. We all enjoyed a few laughs over how long we’ve been making deals and booking top commercial voices. We remarked how important it is that we all remember how much fun it really is to be in the voiceover business. It is important to stick together as we create its future.

Promax Badge JHK

Promax Badge for Jim!

Later that evening, I had the chance to speak and share a drink with my great friend, Donna Mancino, National VP of Promos Trailers and Narrations at CESD and Vinnie Biunno also in narrations and promos from the CESD LA office. We spoke about serving voice talents on both coasts and how fast our industry is moving. CESD is looking to the future of our industry and wants to find creative new ways to shape the voiceover business for the betterment of all. Realtime Casting supporter and believer, Phil Sutfin, founder of ACM Talent was present and sharing his insights. Phil was describing some of his clients success with VOX VP, Jeff Jones.

The night was capped off by a fun conversation with Realtime Casting member, Mara Junot, represented by TGMD and Stars Agency. Hint: She loves New York!

Speaking of Realtime Casting members, the talented Bob Boving of SBV was in town for Promax and dropped by the Realtime Casting New York studio at Lotas Productions, to knock out his Realtime auditions. Bob enjoyed chatting with Dylan Tishler of Lotas Productions about gear, old and new, in the voice business and of course, his auditions sounded great!

Our last night of Promax feature a cocktail party by our friends at Don Buchwald. We were encouraged by fellow Syracuse University Newhouse alum, Robyn Starr and the other top DBA commercial agents, Robyn Stecher and Katherine Ryan to keep Realtime Casting moving forward as the premier choice for young producers who are searching for top Sag Aftra voices, quickly and easily.  I talked over some home studio auditioning tips with Realtime members Bill Lobley and Traci Godfrey. I shared how Realtime Casting delivers auditions to producers the moment they are uploaded. Our system is working to the agents and the talents advantage.

And to celebrate Father’s Day, one of my favorite young voices, Kevin McConnell, part owner of shared photos of his daughter Emilia!

Promax #WTF was all about the challenges that come with new and emerging platforms for content. The behavior of young producers who hire voice talent is changing. This is a time for new, positive ideas to take shape. It is a time when we take a chance to look into the future.

Please join us at Realtime Casting! Your voiceover future may depend on it.

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