Answering Voice Talent Questions for Realtime Casting

In the midst of a growth year for Realtime Casting, we wish to address the questions asked to us by voice actors!


Voice Talent have been asking us:

1. “Can I still join Realtime Casting, if I do not have an agent?” 

Yes! But we are specifically looking for voice actors with professional work completed, who feel ready to do Union voice-over work. When signing up, simply select that you are working with Lotas Productions, run by Jim Kennelly, General Manager of Realtime Casting.

2. “I am not in a Union. Can I join Realtime Casting?”

Yes, you can still join, but keep this in mind: If you are non-union, and a producer wants to hire you for Union work, there are steps that can be taken to help you. Realtime Casting also has a Paymaster on staff.

The majority of Realtime Casting voice talent live in Union states such as New York & California and/or belong to a Union. The type of work being posted is great for them. In the last 6-months ALL of the voice-over work on Realtime Casting has been Union. This is important to know because if you got started in voiceovers by working online with non-union voice casting sites, it would be a mistake for you to expect Realtime Casting to have the same amount of Union work available and operate in the same fashion.

Realtime Casting voice actors have experience offline and online. Our website is smaller, more competitive, and the jobs pay much better, at times involving recording in a professional studio.

3. “How does the submission process work, if agents are involved?”

After a voiceover job is posted on Realtime Casting, the following happens in order:

  1. Voice talent receives audition
  2. Voice talent uploads audition
  3. Audition goes to producer
  4. Producer contacts agent
  5. Agent contacts voice talent

If this sounds different from what you may have seen online with “DIY” sites, the reason we do it is because many of the voice actors with Realtime Casting have established relationships with agents. For them, this method is not disruptive to their own personal careers. They use a casting website without that inner-fear they will be sacrificing a relationship with an agent.

There are ways for the producer to just contact the talent directly from the search feature. However, the talent’s agency is still listed as representation. You can see from this how Realtime Casting is trying to bring the traditional market online, and do so in a way that involves everyone. We do know there are those online who prefer to be “DIY”. (do-it-yourself)

4. “Why do voice actors pay to use Realtime Casting?”

This is our “point of difference” from the producer’s end to attract producers. Great producers offering Union work currently pay other services to find voice actors. They may receive thousands of auditions, of which they listen to few.

We are offering a free casting platform to producers, with an affordable subscription to voice actors, to attract greater amounts of the best work while keeping the audition process realistically competitive. Time has proven with several websites (not to be mentioned here) what happens when the website revenue comes from producers paying to post jobs. In short, the voice actors suffer.

Sure, it is now free for everyone, but the auditioning process becomes saturated with thousands who know it is free. This happens even with the best of Quality Assurance. Even worse, the voice actor has less say over what happens with the website because they are no longer the main client in the business model.

5. “What does my subscription pay for exactly?”

Well, we only cost $199, and this is what it gets you:

  • Marketing of talent to producers through newsletters
  • Showcasing the voice actors of Realtime Casting
  • Auditioning for the best paying voiceover work online (All Union)
  • Customer service from staff with decades of voiceover experience online and offline
  • We also have a new website coming up shortly!

If you find this is not your speed, no worries at all! Just remember to keep an eye on us as we work to bring the voiceover industry everyone loves into the future, while keeping your careers in our best interests!

6. “What if my agent is not listed in your website, but I am represented”

We invite you to contact us at with more details, or simply have them create an agent listing through Realtime Casting at this link.

Two very special notes about #6:

– If your agent registers, and the voice actor does not select on his/her profile that they are indeed represented by the agent, the profile will not work properly.

– On a serious note…Please do not claim to be represented by an agent who has not signed you nor represented you in the past. As part of Quality Assurance, we want all information on profiles to be 100% true. Profile misrepresentation is considered spamming and is cause for profile removal.

With Realtime Casting you can hear the difference!



4 thoughts on “Answering Voice Talent Questions for Realtime Casting

  1. Reposting:

    I have more than 1 agent who are listed on your site. What do you suggest I do relative to choosing one?

    I’m currently non-union, making a good living. Do I have to join the Union if I’m selected? Not sure how the PayMaster works.

    With appreciation for your time,


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