What makes you feel good about your voiceover work?

Do you know what it is about voiceover work that makes you feel good?voicemotivation

Behavioral economist, Dan Ariely, shares a talk on what exactly makes us feel good about work. Realtime Casting voice actors are mostly represented by agents or belong to SAG/AFTRA, which means they work better paying work, but did they work as hard as they did just to get paid better? They still deal with rejection, too.

If you are working in the voiceover industry, the understanding is that things like “rejection” and “trying to get paid well” are common. Understanding your true motivation can improve your career by helping you focus on your strengths without doubting yourself. The money is not enough, and some days getting work feels like climbing a mountain.

There always has to be more motivation beyond money because the money is not always around! So…

Watch this video and ask yourself the question, “What makes ME feel good about MY voiceover work? What motivates ME, as a voice actor, to keep on keepin’ on?!”

Any thoughts on this blog post?

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