Around the Voiceover World in Eight Hours of Realtime Casting

Taking you on a tour around the voiceover world in 8 hours with Realtime Casting’s Jim Kennelly

Where in the world is Jim?terra

One day, Jim Kennelly was particularly difficult to get in touch with and every email sent to him came back with the response, “I am in session right now with a voice talent in [insert part of the world]”.

After the 3rd or 4th email the question came up, “Do you ever feel like Jim flies around the world to do his sessions?”. We had to ask what was keeping him so busy all day and how he was visiting different parts of the world with new voice talent, all from Lotas Productions in NYC, a studio he founded more than 25 years ago.

The question posed to him was simple, “Where have you been today?”. The answer was as follows and we found out Jim was flying around the voiceover world in 8 hours.

In flight with a VO Superherorealtime casting

“At 9:00AM EST, the job for Cielo cast Kevin Collins of Realtime Casting. However, he is doing a play in Philadelphia, PA. We had to put him in a Philly studio to record him via ISDN through Lotas Productions, where the client was listening in.

Afterwards at 10:30AM, I connected via ISDN with a place called The Work Room in Capetown, South Africa. We had to redo the Jack Daniel’s spot for (South African agency) with Chris Sullivan. You may know his voice already as the GEICO “Hump Day!” camel.

That was a fast trip to South Africa and back. At 11:00 AM, we recorded the Brown Mackie College television VO with Caitlin Maloney, which required working with Soundscape in Boston, Massachusetts. Then I had to mix a series of Con Edison spots for a few hours.

At 3:30PM, I recorded an e-learning for CFA with Mike Pollock, the 8th session in a series of e-learnings for bankers. Finally, at 5:00PM, we did a Spanish spot for Crickett with Paola Poucel. This was with a company in San Antonio, Texas. I did not mention that throughout the day, I had to post auditions for the Ohio Lottery gig and Etihad e-lessons.

This is what a hard day’s work, a trip around the world, looks like for me.”

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