Website Naming Mistakes by Voice Actors

This is not a long blog. We just need to take a moment to point a common mistake being made when voice actors give their website a nametags

We do hope you find these blogs helpful. As voice actors ourselves, we know what it feels like to have to deal with websites when all we want to do is read scripts behind a mic. Let us be brief about this one today and quickly call this what it is:

“Voice actors…It is a mistake to keyword stuff your website name.”

Now, if you have done this already, do not worry about it. This is easier to fix than you realize, and there is some good news…

Google wants your website to make sense!

Yes, that is great news because you can go back to naming your business in a style that exists offline…business as usual.

Even more so, you can do that in the style you wish, as long as your SEO title and description makes sense. No more tricks. No more cheating. Just state what you do. You can be creative again! Your website name need not be some boring attempt to try and get SEO results through a name.

What Does This Keyword Stuffing Mistake Look Like?
If you are a voice actor, people will be able to tell by the text you use to describe yourself and your demos on your site. You do not have to brand yourself:

“VoicingVoice dot com”
“VoicityVoxtownAudio dot com”
“VoicethisVoicingthat dot com”
“Audiobookvoicer dot com

These are parodies of what already exists online, but they are not far off from reality.

Deciding on an SEO title description
Stop and think about what you do and then right down an answer to this question:

“What services do you provide?”

Start your answer with “Providing…” or “Offering…”, and finish answering the question. The funny thing is that this is not much different from what we see offline. Businesses advertise by stating things like, “The most trusted plumber serving thousands in the tri-state area for 30 years”.

We are still working on Realtime Casting’s SEO title, but if you look at the description you will find pretty much a statement of what we do and it’s no attempt to cheat:

“Realtime Casting is the free SAG-AFTRA voice over casting service connecting quality voice actors to read your business promo, commercial, or radio imaging spot. Hire Union voice actors with RTC.”

We offer free SAG-AFTRA voice casting. What do you offer?

Small Tip for You!
Right-click on your website and click “View Page Source”. If your SEO description does not sound like something you would say to describe what you do, or is keyword stuffed with 100 versions of the word “voice”, you may want to research ways to change this. If you would like to see a great website on this topic, please check here!

We hope this helps!

Let Us Know What You Feel You Need to Know!
If you are a voice actor, not used to working online, but your offline experience speaks volumes…let us know how we can help you work online! What would you like to know more about?

In the future, we will assist you!

Any thoughts on this blog post?

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