The Voice of The Founder of Realtime Casting

This is not necessarily a long blog, but a chance to introduce Andrew Peters, the Australian co-founder of Realtime Casting, the only Sag-Aftra voice-over casting website.

the voice behind realtime casting

Andrew Peters, co-founder Realtime Casting

In 2012, he did a podcast for a website called the NYC Actor. If you did not know, Realtime Casting is affiliated with the New York City studio Lotas Productions, founded by Realtime’s Jim Kennelly.

realtime casting

Jim Kennelly, GM Realtime Casting

With all the software, marketing, and graphics flying around, rarely do we get to chance to “hear the founder’s voice”; not just “the voice” but the voice of what they believe in and take a position in.

Please take a listen here on The NYC Actor Podcast

Important info for voice actors within the podcast:

Andrew Peters comments on:

  • How he came to work with Jim Kennelly
  • His experience with working in the online market
  • The need for being able to trust the online casting site you work with
  • The need for that website to understand the needs of the voice-over market
  • Why Union work, despite what you see online, never went away

He also comments on many other topics voice actors would gain insight from! You may just find how, regardless of where you work as a voice actor, the needs of all in the voice industry have stayed the same through all changes in technology.

Hope you enjoy!

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