Dealing With Inactive Online Voice Talent Profiles

Realtime Casting will start making moves to clean up old and inactive voice talent profiles

Inactive Profiles: Parking demos on websites does nothing for the voice actorsleeping voice over account
Did you ever see a new website show up and your voice actor instincts told you, “I had better create a profile and put my demos up on the website.”?

This may sound like a great idea at first, but in today’s business world we are trusting that the person who created a profile, did so with the intention to use the website. Needless to say, these profiles can become inactive web clutter that leads more to people “walking in the store and walking out”.

Realtime Casting is currently working on a new website, and to prepare for this effort, we are doing two things:

1. A bit of a house cleaning!
2. Offering a special until April 30th, 2014!

House cleaning!
Beginning May 1st, Realtime Casting will remove “inactive” profiles. Inactivity can be classified as the following:

1. You created profile and never logged in again.
2. Your profile is empty and demo-less.
3. You never subscribed to the Realtime Casting website.

We understand how common it is to create profiles on websites, but times are changing! Online work is going back to business as usual and “inactive profiles” reflect negatively on both the website user experience and voice talent. We want active voice actors on Realtime Casting to not deal with paying for a website that is cluttered with inactive profiles.

Special Offer for Voice Actors!
Voice actors, who subscribe to Realtime Casting between now and April 30th, 2014, will be given two months free for the yearly price of $199. You will have access to Realtime Casting until June 30th, 2015!

Realtime Casting’s goal is to focus on SAG-AFTRA work, only, without disrupting your relationship with your agent.

Frequently Asked Question
You can guess that we are written quite often, “But I have no agent and I am not in a union? I also get plenty of work on my own. Does this mean no Realtime for me?”.

Not at all. Realtime Casting is aiming to be the next step in a person’s voice-over career. We want to offer work that leaves voice actors feeling secure about their career choice!

If you have no agent, do not belong to a union, but have done plenty of voice-over work or demos, please write us to with your questions. We can talk about this with you and see if this is the site for you. No harm in asking, right?

If you know you want to sign up, please register at our homepage! In the future, our plan is to cap the amount of talents on the site to avoid saturated, cattle call auditions. We will still always help our voice actors by marketing them properly to the most professional producers in the world!

Keeping the VO work real,

Realtime Casting

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