What Voice Actors and Producers Like Best

Statistics on what Realtime Casting producers and voice actors like bestrealtime casting voice actress

Recently, Realtime Casting has been moving and shaking! We have many things planned for 2014, some of which we will purposely not talk about as to not let the cat out of the bag too soon. One of our efforts recently has been to communicate to producers and voice actors exactly what makes Realtime Casting so special, both through social media and newsletters, nothing fancy as we are focusing on more necessary changes.

Why? We need to do it!
To work with prestigious voice-overs, one must have a website that displays a respect for the people using the site!

If you did not know, we are the only website that provides a free casting service for SAG-AFTRA voice-over work, while still working with agents (if talent have them) and screening voice actors to keep subscriptions at a reasonable amount (no cattle calls). It does have an effect on the quality of auditions received.

But is that what voice actors want…or what producers want?
Recent statistics from newsletters and website behavior shows what both REALLY want can be summed up in two phrases:



This is very easy to write, yes, but achieving what someone considers “the best” shows that things could be a bit more complicated.

What is THE BEST?
It depends on who you ask:

1. Producers say, “The best voice actors know how to work magic with a script and understand the importance of sounding great, being a pleasure to work with, and making my company sound professional.”

2. Voice actors say, “The best work means I am heard, and if/when hired, I was paid well both for today and in the future. The best work offers prestige on my demo and leaves me feeling like a professional voice actor.”

Did you notice something about the answers above? There was no mention of needing things faster, cheaper, or feedback. Are these concerns? Most likely, but not enough to complicate an already simple process involving “people”.

The funny thing about “the best”
People involved in the best voice-over work still know that picking a voice actor can take some negotiating, but the process is very simple both with and without hi-tech websites. When you get past all the marketing and advertising of a website, these simple facts still remain most important:

1. The process of hiring should be free, so they are more concerned with paying voice actors

2. The process of hiring should be made easy and take into account what producers want.

3. The process of auditioning should be made easy and take into account what voice actors want.

4. The jobs being posted should pay well or they may not be worth the time and effort.

About the newsletters we send out
Realtime Casting is proud of the voice actors using the website, and happily markets voice actors to producers. Just last week, our newsletter achieved:

  • 50.47% click-thru rate
  • 90.64% of these clicks involved listening to voice actor audio
  • 100% of the audio listeners also clicked on this Youtube link below from a Realtime Casting gig recorded at Lotas Productions in New York City.


Showing more interest in recording at studios?

We are seeing interviews we do with audio engineers getting more attention, especially those talking about “studio etiquette”. Thankfully, we also see many people interested in registering for Realtime Casting.

The voice-over world is starving for great paying work, amazing voice actors, and returning to a time when being a voice actor or producer meant having a “career”, and not just satisfying a 3-year itch.

Realtime Casting is looking to bring that to you!

We have lots of changes on the horizon! We hope you will be a part of all of it!

Any thoughts on this blog post?

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