What You Get From Posting Voice Over Jobs on Realtime Casting

A blog explaining what makes Realtime Casting’s value to the voice over casting industry

This blog will be short, sweet, and to the point, because rather than read it we would like more so for you to offer SAG-AFTRA voice over work on Realtime Casting. You can just click here if that is indeed you!

What Realtime Casting offers to producers:

1. A free union voice over casting service. voice over casting

2. SAG-AFTRA quality voice actors represented by top agencies. Here is a playlist of samples

3. With offices in Melbourne and NYC, we offer round-the-clock customer service

4. We specialize in commercials, promos, and radio imaging

5. We have a Paymaster on staff!

What Realtime Casting offers to voice actors:home studio

1. Higher paying work for a career-minded voice actor to build on success and buy all the stuff you see in the picture.

2. All the other stuff we mentioned above for producers because we understand the importance of making the entire website satisfied with our services.

3. We will be marketing voice actors throughout the year to producers who use Realtime Casting.

4. Most of all…We have a cap on the amount of paying subscribers. We will not have more than 1000 paying subscribers, in order to increase the success rate of voice actors paying to use the website.

About that last part #4

respect voice over Realtime Casting staff has more than 60-years combined experience in the voice over industry; both online and offline. We all worked in voice overs before voice casting went online and we understand the challenges voice actors face today. We understand that some will not find Realtime Casting suitable because they work in a very different way and do quite well.There are many reasons why websites work well for some and not others. To find out why, one must be listening and that is what we are doing.

We respect and understand the decisions of all voice artists because we are looking to improve the voice casting industry they work in. We are not critical of what voice actors do to get work; not at all. However, we do happen to think our website offers the type of voice over work all voice actors have in mind when they start out, and the same work they want, after years of experience.

We respect and understand what voice artists must do because the industry went through a transition period, but in the past couple of years, slowly seems to be getting back to business as usual. The players in the industry have not changed; only the tools they used to work with and the amount of opportunities changed.

It is ok to ask questions. It should always be.

Going forward, we hope voice actors of all levels will feel comfortable asking us questions about working with agents, SAG-AFTRA, or union work, in general. One of our staff, Jim Kennelly, recently spoke to a group of voice actors to find out what we are trying to do here.

The fact is we all started somewhere and the only way to improve an industry is for successful people to give back and help those coming up behind, yes, even if they end up competing for the same voice over job one day.

You can always comment below or reach out to us from our homepage with your questions.

We are going through changes in 2014 and we certainly hope you will come along with us for the ride!

Any thoughts on this blog post?

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