Why Should You Join The Realtime Casting Community Now?

Jim Kennelly of Realtime Casting and Lotas Productions explains why you should join the Realtime Casting community now

voice over community

As human beings, we’re always joining communities. We coach our kids’ sports teams, we belong to book clubs, we go to conferences to network, or join non-profit groups to make our world a better place. A sense of “Community” empowers individuals by delivering connections, they add social experiences, teach new skills, and even offer a sense of fun.

Strong, integrated niche communities are the future

community of voice actors

Realtime Casting has created an online experience that connects proactive talents to the global voiceover community. Realtime Casting is keeping the SagAftra conversation alive and well. This enables the professional voice community to support each other and allows us to adapt and evolve in harmony online (and offline) with a forever changing voiceover business.

How does the Realtime Casting Community help voice actors?

The truth is you do not need to be a celebrity, or to under sell your talent, to captivate the attention of new producers. Realtime Casting believes our site offers seven reasons to make today’s very busy broadcast producers pay attention to your voice and your talents.

The Realtime brand does the following:

1. it shows power
2. it demonstrates passion for the creative process
3. it generates mystique surrounding a voice actor
4. it offers prestige to a voice career
5. it gives alarm to the voice over industry
6. it has rebellion
7. it evokes trust

How can I make my talent brand stand out by using Realtime Casting?

voice over branding

1. Don’t try to fit in.

Too often, we search for similarities in an effort to fit in with the environment, but it’s the person who embraces their differences that is interesting. Producers want what they never had before; a thing that will make their creative different. Once you identify what makes you different, concentrate on it. To be successful, you don’t have to change who you are; you have to become more of what you do best. Keep it Real!

2. Rethink your strengths.

You probably already know your strengths, or think you do, but in the crowded voice market you need to identify your competitive differences. Strengths point to what you do best; maybe a “Movie Trailer” or a “Quirky Mom” read. But your differences, point to your “REAL” voice, and that gives you a natural competitive advantage. It is how you do what you do, and how you voice and audition and work in a session differently than everyone else, that could be your highest value.

3. Create your tagline.

Our professional experience has shown that when producers and clients are fascinated by a voice, they will pay more for it. Your personal Realtime Casting site allows you to articulate your differences; you’ll be seen as you should be, valuable. Similar to a brand, it’s helpful to write a tagline, or slogan, for your personality and voice. BMW used the slogan “the ultimate driving machine”. This not only describes the car but the company. Many Realtime members have created their own taglines.


Mara Junot recording a Realtime session

For example, Mara Junot, a Realtime Casting member with Stars Agency in San Francisco voice, has the slogan:

“Providing the 3-dimensional sound that promotes companies, services and entrepreneurs around the globe.”

That is a phrase you can orient your entire career around!

We hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions about using Realtime Casting, please write us in the feedback section on our homepage, or leave a comment below!

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