10 Words Explain Why You Should Use Realtime Casting

Staff asked the founders of Realtime Casting to give 10 words why voice actors and producers should use this casting website

whyComing up with blog posts is easy compared to convincing voice actors and producers why they should use Realtime Casting in 2014, instead of other casting websites, to hire voice actors or audition for jobs. It is easy say things that have already been said such as, “Non-union sites are low quality, low paying cattle calls that over-promise and under-deliver!”, but it is hard to be late to the party.

Then why do it? When you get past all that debating of who does what…it is simply about time voice actors kept it real again. What do you do next?

You focus on your career to influence change…not theirs

The staff at Realtime Casting has more than enough years of experience in voice overs, both offline and online, to pull apart everything wrong with certain websites. Unfortunately, many non-union casting websites focus highly on their own personal bottom dollar to make sure their careers as “web entrepreneurs” stays intact. Fair enough, but if you consider the thousands of voice actors looking to make a career of voice overs, combined with those who already have a career, the scales of ‘doing what is right’ begins to tilt. Getting back on point, when the founders of Realtime Casting were asked for 10 words to explain why Realtime Casting should be used, their answers were definitely focused on the careers of the customers.

10 Words Why You Should Use Realtime Casting

1. Union
Last year, every job booked on Realtime Casting was through SAG-AFTRA. We had a 68% booking rate. Do we have a mashup of low paying non-union work? No. Not what we do.

2. Easy
Our website is easy to use, and you never have to ask yourself strange questions such as, “Will I be punished for auditioning too much?”.

3. Professional
Perhaps, this is our point of difference. We are putting a cap on the amount of voice actors who can pay to audition.

4. Community
The staff and founders are part of the voice over community and feel they work for it; not the other way around.

5. Future
We want voice actors to feel like they have a future in the voice over industry. We want to offer the work people think about when becoming a voice actor. This is the work that offers a financial future; not a future of glued eyes to a laptop. Residual income is stronger than fly-by-night contracts.

6. Exposure
Work with the best in the industry who can take your career to new places.

7. Quality
The voice actors on Realtime Casting are experienced, most have agent representation, and the non-union talent are screened for quality assurance.

8. Support
Over 60-years experience on staff means…You have proper support when something goes wrong.

9. Control
You feel, for the first time in a long time, like you have control of your career.

10. Affordable
Do not be afraid. No low-balling here. We just mean, “Affordable for voice actors”. Our subscription is a very low $199. For producers looking for union voice talent, and must pay to do castings elsewhere…we offer a free union casting service. We also have a paymaster on staff.

If you are interested in checking out how we work, please take a look at our homepage today.

We are going through some positive changes in 2014, so please write us if you experience any issues in website usage!

Any thoughts on this blog post?

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